The winter months are here which bring along dry skin as a result of the air becoming cold and dry. Simple changes in your skincare routine can help prevent issues that arise with dry skin. We talked to one of our estheticians, Holliday, at our Regency location to get more information on what you can do to combat any dry skin issues you may experience this winter.


  1. Add a Vitamin C oil or serum to your routine in the morning and a hyaluronic serum at night.
  2. Do not over moisturize as that will cause your skin to want more.
  3. Hot showers, tubs, and baths can dry out your skin when the weather is cold.
  4. Make sure you are using a liquid soap body wash in the winter, regular soap will leave a residue on your skin which can lead to dry, inflamed, and irritated skin.
  5. Remember to be gentle with your skin during cold months!

(Photo features Regency Esthetician, Holliday)

Our facial services are a great way to rejuvenate your skin and give it the extra moisture it needs. Our estheticians will customize your facial to match your skin type and replenish its glow. 

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International Self-Care Day is Sunday, July 24th.

Self-care is more important than ever! The past few years have been crazy for all of us, and one thing we’ve learned is that mental and physical health is extremely important. You can use self-care practices to rejuvenate yourself and take a well-needed break. We all need a moment to rest every once in a while and International Self-Care Day is a friendly reminder of that. Here at Garbo’s Salon and Spa, every day is self-care day and we strive to make you feel treated every time you visit us! We offer a variety of spa services that allow you to sit back, relax, and de-stress. 

Here are five products and services that will help you prioritize your self-care. 

Facials are a great way to refresh your skin and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. We offer an Aveda Signature Facial which includes a peel. Facial peels reveal softer, brighter, and more rejuvenated skin. We also offer microdermabrasion, microblading, Image custom facials, Image peels, and Lumifacials at select locations. Our estheticians will assess your skin during your consultation and help you select the right facial for your skin type. Once they look at your skin, they will know exactly what you need! Your skin will glow more than ever!

We carry a wide selection of Image Skincare products. The Vital C Collection features several products that your skin will love. Their hydrating antioxidant  A C E serum is a daily multi-vitamin serum, with essential vitamins, amino acids, green tea extract, and natural skin brighteners. You will be treating your skin on a daily basis with these products! 

Your nails need some love too! We offer multiple manicure and pedicure services at each of our 4 locations. No matter what color you prefer, we have plenty of options for you! A mani-pedi helps increase blood flow to your feet and your toes. They also help prevent infections and leave your skin feeling smooth and revitalized! 

Reduce any stress or muscle tension you feel with a relaxing massage. Choose from a 30, 60, or 90-minute session. We offer regular, hot stone and prenatal massages. Massages are also a great way to lower your blood pressure and heart rate leaving you feeling a sense of calm at the end of your massage.

Investing in your hair care routine is a great way to practice self-care daily. Our Garbo’s hair and styling products come in multiple formulas for every hair type. You can bring the salon to your home with our quality Garbo’s Professional Products. Whether you need a nourishing shampoo or a volumizing texture spray, we have it all!

Self-care isn’t selfish and we want to help you feel your best each and every day! Treat yourself and book your next service with us at one of our four locations in Omaha

You can also shop our large selection of high-quality hair and skin care products!

We’ll see you soon!

Let’s start with the basics! A blowout is defined as the act or instance of blow-drying hair after shampooing, including styling. A blowout is one of the several hair treatments we offer here at Garbo’s Salon and Spa. It’s a great service for those who aren’t looking to alter the cut or color of their hair but are in need of a little refresh. We not only offer a shampoo blowout, but we also offer Keratherapy/Brazilian blowouts as well!

Why should you get a blowout?

Our standard blowout service includes a shampoo and a hair style using nourishing products that we carry in our salons. The professional blow dry techniques make your hair appear shiny and voluminous. This blowout will last several days making your hair much easier to manage for the week. Everyone will be asking what you have done to your hair! A good blowout definitely gives the extra confident boost we all need from time to time.

Why should I invest in the Keratherapy / Brazilian Blowout?

Both of these hair treatments were created with the client in mind. These blowouts help make your hair much more manageable and hydrated. If you feel like you can’t get control of your hair, the Brazilian blowout is for you! We require a consultation before you can book this service so we can determine what blowout will be most beneficial for your hair type. 

A Brazilian blowout is recommended for those who are looking to tame the frizz in their hair. The great thing about a Brazilian blowout is that it can be customized to you. For instance, if you have more natural wavy/curly hair, we are able to customize the temperature setting to ensure you don’t lose your natural style. This blowout will help tame the unwanted frizz without removing the volume in your hair. A Brazilian blowout uses a plant-based amino acid to add a protein coating to your hair.

On the other hand, a Keratin hair treatment uses the protein called, Keratin, to nourish and straighten the strands of your hair. This process will take a bit longer than a Brazilian blowout. With a Keratin treatment, your hair will appear straighter and smooth. This option will decrease the amount of volume in your hair for about three months.

The Keratherapy/Brazilian blowout options are definitely more of an investment than our standard shampoo blowout, but they provide results that will last for months. Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term results, we have a service for you! Don’t hesitate to contact us at any of our four locations to ask for further details. We would be happy to help you schedule your next service with us to achieve the hair of your dreams!

Spring break is coming in hot which means it’s time to start preparing yourself for vacation! There’s more prep involved for a trip than just the packing itself! Whether you’re heading to the beach, the mountains, or somewhere in between, today, we’re outlining our best beauty recommendations to get ready for a week of traveling. Your hair, skin, and nails will thank you, trust us! 

Stock Up on Travel Sizes of Your Favorite Products

Traveling shouldn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your favorite high quality beauty products! You should be looking and feeling your best throughout your entire trip. Stocking up on a few travel sizes of your current products will keep you from having to switch things up and use products you aren’t used to on the trip. This will also prevent you from having to bring full-sized bottles of product in your suitcase (we all know how much of a hassle that can be)! 

We offer travel sizes of a variety of our top-selling Garbo’s Professional products. If you’re heading somewhere warm and humid, definitely snag a small bottle of our Anti-Frizz Shampoo

If you can’t find travel sizes for your current product faves, you can purchase travel size toiletry containers and pack your products that way!

Get a Trim

Not only will a trim make your hair appear fresh for the trip, it’ll ensure it’s healthy and can handle some sun exposure. Book an appointment with us for a trim and add on a deep conditioning treatment to get your hair healthy and shining!

Treat Yourself to a Mani Pedi

Be sure your nails and toes are looking their best with a fresh mani pedi from Garbo’s! Our team can’t wait to pamper you before your trip. Be sure to book your appointment now to make sure you can get in before your travels!

Book a Facial

Getting a facial before your spring break trip will help clear your skin from blemishes and remove dead skin cells. Hop on that plane with fresh glowing skin so you can look and feel your best for all of your vacay photo-ops. Book an appointment with one of our licensed estheticians at Garbo’s Salon and Spa today!

At Garbo’s Salon and Spa of Omaha, we are dedicated to making each of our clients look and feel his or her best. Prep your hair, skin, and nails for your upcoming spring break trip with products or services from one of our Omaha salon locations. Visit our website to learn more about what we offer!

We can all agree that winter can feel like the longest season and sometimes drags out much longer than it should! Because of this, it is SO important to take care of your hair! The cold air can be damaging as it causes your hair cuticles to lift and let go of all of the moisture in your hair shaft. Here are a few easy tips to keep your hair glowing and hydrated throughout these colder months!

1. Minimize the amount of heat

Embrace your natural hair and beauty as much as possible during these winter months. Applying too much heat, in addition to the dry and cold air, can double your dryness and breakage as the heat strips your hair from its natural oils and proteins.

When you do decide to take out the curling iron and blow dryer, please do your hair a favor and pick up the Garbo’s Professional Brilliance Blow Dry Flat Iron Sealer! This will protect your hair from intense heat and also accelerate the blow drying process so there will be less heat on your hair!

3. Wash your hair less

The winter is the perfect time to train your hair by washing less. Try to go as long as you can in between shampoos. Wear a cute hat, put your hair in a stylish updo, or use Garbo’s Professional Freshen Up Dry Shampoo on the days you don’t regularly shampoo! Washing your hair every day can actually cause more dryness, greasiness, and can lead to more split ends. It will also strip your color faster and your hair’s natural oils, which we don’t want! Patience is the key to success with this one!

3. Moisturize as much as possible

Staying hydrated can support the moisture in your hair. Drink lots of water and maybe even get yourself a humidifier for your room to combat the winter dryness. Your overall health will reflect on your hair! Add the Garbo’s Professional Indulge Masque to your shower routine once a week for that extra moisture that won’t weigh your hair down!

Your hair will thank you this summer if you follow these three tips! Just as you start prepping your summer body in the winter, start prepping your hair as well so you will be glowing from head to toe! But the hair care doesn’t stop in the summer… We will be back soon for tips on how to care for your hair throughout the spring, summer, and fall! 

Let us know what you’re doing to protect your hair this winter season! You can browse and shop all of hair care products online or in-store or at any of our 5 locations in Omaha!

Whether you need big hair to compliment your unique costume or you need your hair to be your costume this Halloween, you’ll need to make sure you give it some extra love to prevent any damage! We’ve put a few tips together for you to help make sure your Halloween hair doesn’t stay crazy after the big day!

Use high quality hair products

If you are going to put your hair through extravagant updos or lots of product, at least ensure you are using quality products without damaging chemicals. Garbo’s Professional has many styling products that will give you  all-night hold and shine. To name a few that help your Halloween hair stand out and last all night long: Flex Hold Styling Gel, Creative Volumizing Foam, Creative Shaping Mist, and Garbo’s Mega Volume Hair Spray.

Make sure you are using hair spray properly

Be sure to spray 12 inches from your hair and spray in  a continuous motion for an even layer. We recommend Garbo’s Mega Volume Hairspray for hold and shine that will last all night long. Our hairspray is weather proof, humidity defying, and tack and flake free! You can purchase yours online or in-store!

Take care of your hair before you go to sleep

It is understandable that after a long Halloween night, you may be too tired to properly detangle and undo your hair but trust us…you will be beyond happy that you did the following day! If you are planning to do an updo with many moving parts, be sure that you remove all pieces, brush your hair out, and shower to rinse out all of the product. If you wait until the morning, you may have an even bigger mess to fix that may require an emergency visit to us to help you detangle your hair. If you find yourself in that situation, we are here for your rescue, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!!

shampoo and styling, Garbo's Salon and Spa, hair care

Give your hair extra love the following day

Because you used more than your every-day hair products on your hair, and probably an excess amount, your hair is going to need some extra TLC to prevent any further damage! Garbo’s Indulge Masque or our Keratin Therapy Conditioner, are both color safe for all hair types and will help replenish all of the moisture loss in your hair. Or you could just come in for a trim and blowout and we can do all of the replenish work for you!


It is always important to take care of your hair with quality products and the consistent attention that it needs, but it is even more essential when you put your hair through more than it is used to! If you are doing any crazy hairstyles this Halloween, be sure to tag us on Instagram and use the #mygarbos hashtag! We can’t wait to see all of your unique looks and we hope you have a safe and happy Halloween!  

Soon the temperature will start to drop and the color of the leaves, and maybe even your hair, will begin to change. We put together a few helpful tips and product recommendations below to help you maintain healthy hair throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Get that trim!

After months of sun, chlorine and salt-water, your hair may need a trim to get rid of  those pesky split-ends. A quick trim will help your hair appear thicker and shinier, while encouraging hair growth and reducing hair-breakage. Book an appointment online or call us today to schedule your next trim!

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Cold weather can dry out your hair. If you’re not already using a moisturizing shampoo, we recommend you switch things up for the colder months ahead. Our  Garbo’s Pure Moisturizing Shampoo is a healthy hair product that will keep your locks from becoming dry and brittle. You can purchase this product online or in-store at one of our five locations in Omaha!

Garbo's moisturizing shampoo, a healthy hair product.

Wear your hair down more often.

A simple step to help restore your hair and prevent further breakage is to wear your hair down more and up less. Keeping your hair in tight ponytails or buns often can cause unnecessary tension to your hair and break your strands. If an up-do is your go- to, we recommend you use a soft elastic the next time you reach for a ponytail.  If all else fails,  keep your hair down when you sleep! 

If you want to wear your hair up, consider trying these Garbobble strong hold hair ties that won’t pull, crease, or break your hair! 

Add a treatment to your routine.

Adding a hair masque to your routine in the fall or winter months will do wonders for your dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. Hair masque’s like The Garbo’s Indulge Masque, will give you that extra boost of moisture you need during the colder months and help maintain that healthy hair! We recommend you use this 1-2 times per week depending on the dryness of your hair. If you have questions whether a hair masque is right for you, contact your stylist!  You can purchase this product online or in-store at one of our five locations in Omaha!

For more helpful tips on how to prevent hair breakage and dryness this fall and winter, come visit one of our locations to speak with our stylists and see for yourself what makes us Omaha’s best salon! We’ll make sure your fall hair both looks and feels perfect! 

It’s finally summer! We all know that keeping our skin feeling light and fresh can be quite a challenge during the summer season. From the intense heat to excessive humidity, our skin can have a hard time keeping its natural oils and moisture that give off that dewy look. 

The heat also enlarges our pores which leads to a higher chance of dirt and bacteria getting trapped in our skin. The constant change between humid and dry weather increases the chance of blemishes and dullness, which can leave you feeling less confident. We are experts at helping our clients find the perfect products for their skincare needs. Now, let’s dive into a list of tips and products to help you achieve the summer skin you’ve always wanted!

1. Exfoliation is Key!

Our bodies continuously shed dead skin cells so it’s important that we exfoliate these skin cells or our pores will become clogged, giving off a dullness that we want to avoid! Exfoliating your skin 2-3x a week can help ensure that you are removing unwanted dead skin which will help you achieve brighter and smoother skin! We recommend our Image Skincare Body Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub. This scrub is a dual-action body polish that delivers high-performance exfoliation to revive dull, dry and flaky skin.

2. Save Your Skin!

The most important step in your summer routine should be wearing sunscreen. Incorporating sunscreen into your routine is an absolute must. Applying sunscreen to your entire body and adding it into your makeup routine can help fight against premature age lines and wrinkles. It can also help protect you from developing skin cancer. Even if you have a darker complexion and don’t burn easily, your skin is still prone to damage that can come from the sun. The Image Skincare line has a fabulous tinted moisturizer with SPF and a flawless foundation that has SPF mixed into it as well. This foundation comes in multiple shades.

3. More Water, More Glow!

Hydration is super important in getting a dewy complexion this summer. Health experts recommend drinking half a gallon of water a day. Drinking the proper amount of water can help reduce puffiness, prevent acne, improve skin tone and much more. Grab your Garbo’s water bottle and get to hydrating!  You’ve got this!

4. Wash Your Face

Washing your face with a proper cleanser will ensure that your skin gets the cleansing it needs without stripping your skin of its natural oils which can cause dry and irritated skin. We recommend the Image Skincare Total Facial Cleanser. This cleanser is a three-in-one formula that removes makeup, balances skin’s pH and gently exfoliates surface cells to reveal smooth skin!

5. Treat Yourself to a Face Mask

A good face mask can instantly make your skin appear brighter. Face masks and sheet masks are a great way to make your skin feel more moisturized and hydrated. They can also help improve the appearance of pores which will help your skin give off that glowy look. Image Skincare has both purifying masks and hydrating sheet masks! Choose your pick and let yourself receive a spa-like experience right at home with these products.

Here at Garbo’s we also offer signature facials, microdermabrasion and peels! These spa services can be the perfect way to kick off your summer skincare routine. Schedule an appointment with us by clicking here

Whether they’re happening over zoom or in-person with social distancing, holiday parties are still going down in 2020. We know that things have been complicated, and getting out of the house to have your hair done for an event may not be feasible this year, so we wanted to share some easy holiday hairstyles you can do at home! That way, you can still look stylish at your gatherings no matter what your plans are!

1. Half Up Pony

This simple holiday hairstyle is an easy go-to for your parties and family gatherings! Just section your hair into two parts—top and bottom—and tie the top half up into a pony. Choose to either make it slick and clean or pull it loose for a messier look! We recommend adding this texturizing spray for added volume! 

Photo from: Pinterest
Photo from Wedding Forward

2. Classic Low Bun

If you’re attending more of a formal event, try opting for a classic low bun. You can always make it slick and clean, or go for a more casual look by pulling out a few pieces to loosen things up! All you need is a hair tie and a few bobby pins and you’re all set. 

2. Classic Low Bun

If you’re attending more of a formal event, try opting for a classic low bun. You can always make it slick and clean, or go for a more casual look by pulling out a few pieces to loosen things up! All you need is a hair tie and a few bobby pins and you’re all set. 

Photo from Wedding Forward

3. Half Updo With a Twist

Amplify your everyday curly look with a little bit of a twist! Start by using a heat protecting spray and put a few curls in your hair. Then, part it and grab two small sections on each side of your face. Twist the sections on each side, pull them back, and tie it with a small elastic! 

Photo from Hadviser
Photo from Etsy

4. Half Up Bun

Another super easy style for this season is a half up messy bun! Try using this wave enhancing spray to make this look even more effortless. You can easily elevate this look by adding a fun hair accessory too like the one in the photo below! 

4. Half Up Bun

Another super easy style for this season is a half up messy bun! You can easily elevate this look by adding a fun hair accessory too like the one in the photo below! 

Photo from Etsy

5. French Braid

We can’t forget about the classic French braid! A singular braid in the back will always be an easy go-to style that makes you look put together and confident! Try adding some glittery accessories to turn this style into a holiday party staple. 

Photo from Byrdie

This year has been crazy, but if one thing’s for sure, we want you showing up to your holiday gatherings looking and feeling beautiful! Although the holiday hairstyles in this post are easy for you to DIY at home, if you feel comfortable coming into the salon, we are open and would love to see you for all your beauty needs this season! Click here to book any service online!


Happy holidays from the entire Garbo’s team!

Finding gray hair amongst your locks is a rite of passage when it comes to aging…no matter how you feel about the problem! The thing to keep in mind is that gray hair can be just as healthy and beautiful as colored hair, and here at Garbo’ Salon and Spa, we would love to help you own your natural beauty as you age. 

If you are experiencing gray hair, you may be thinking about ways you can hide it or try to embrace it…the good thing is that we can help you do both! There are a few simple ways we like to do this in our salons: add in some highlights to blend your current hair, color your hair to completely cover grays, or transition your hair to a fully gray color overall. It just comes down to personal preference! 

Today, we’re going to talk about the gray hair phenomenon and try to change the stigma around this natural occurrence we all experience in our lives. We’ll be giving you some useful tips and insight on transitioning to and caring for gray hair.

3 Reasons to Embrace YOUR Gray Hair

There are many reasons why embracing your grays may be the right choice for you: 

  • It’s easier! You can trade color touch-ups every four to six weeks for deep conditioning treatments and trims instead. This way we can still use our professional skills and products to keep your hair healthy without you having to come in for a color treatment so frequently. 
  • It’s beautiful!  Your grays are gorgeous – just like you.  With proper care you can learn to fall in love with them. 
  • It’s a change!  Going completely gray–with the right tone and care–can result in a beautiful new look that suits you well!

CARING FOR YOUR GRAY HAIR - 5 tips to Brighten and Soften Gray Hair

Gray hair will be much drier compared to its pigmented counterparts. Here is some essential advice you should follow if you want to keep your gray hair looking and feeling its best: 

Brush Your Hair Nightly 

This will distribute natural oils from the scalp and nourish your hair. Your hair will become softer and smoother with time if you keep up this habit! It can be even more effective if you brush daily with a boar hair bristle brush. 

Use Proper Shampoo

Gray hair can sometimes appear dull due to its fair coloring. Using a purple-tinted shampoo, like Garbo’s Blueberry and Beet Root Shampoo, can brighten it up and make it appear more vibrant. Purple shampoo will also help to maintain the cool tone of your grays and keep them from getting brassy. 

Use Styling Products 

Using serums as well as products with conditioner and silicone will help smooth your gray hair. Deep conditioners like Garbo’s Indulge Mask are ideal for taming stubborn, sometimes wiry gray hair. 

Get Regular Hair Treatments 

Conditioning treatments can help maintain the integrity of your hair as you age. This will smooth out rough, wiry hair while helping to maintain your new natural color.  Next time you’re scheduling your appointment, add on Aveda’s Botanical Repair.  This conditioning treatment will help strengthen, repair, and protect your hair. 

Tips to Grow out Gray Natural Hair 

If you are making the switch from regularly coloring your hair to going gray, there may be a 6-12 month period of uneven color as the natural hair grows in. To allow the new growth to blend quickly, you can consider coloring your hair to match your grays, cutting your hair shorter or getting a few highlights to help with the transition. 

Always feel free to talk to our stylists about what they think will work best.  They’ll make sure your grays blend in seamlessly until you’re able to fully grow them out.

Lots of people choose to let their gray hair go because of its unique tone and lower maintenance care. After reading this article, hopefully you know how to take better care of your gray hair so it can leave you feeling just as beautiful as before. Gray hair doesn’t have to be a bad thing, let’s find you the right products and treatment so you can embrace the beauty of yours today!

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