Understanding Our Pricing

At Garbo’s Salon and Spa we believe in providing our guests a variety of options when it comes to services in addition to offering a career path focused on growth for our team members. Guests may choose the stylist/level that best compliments their requests and needs from skill set, experience, even their budget.

At Garbo’s Salon and Spa our experience levels are based on your service provider’s education, experience and tenure. As our stylists grow these areas, they earn the opportunity to advance to a more experienced level.

New Talent


New Talent are either recently licensed graduates from beauty school or they have recently joined the Garbo’s team while early in their career. These service providers are focusing on growing their craft with our team under the guidance and mentorship from our higher-level service providers.



Masters have accumulated the experience, education, and skill both behind the chair, as well as through top continuing education. They are true masters of their craft and skilled in advanced services and disciplines. Masters continue to participate in our mentorship program in a new role, beginning to impart their knowledge and experience to our new team members.



Designers are those that have been working with the Garbo’s team for some time and have started the process of advancing their careers to the next level. Designers still collaborate with senior staff in addition to focusing on educational opportunities. These service providers are working hard to develop new skills and offer more cutting-edge services.


LEVELS 10-12

These service providers are established, respected, and carry a reputation for excellence that has earned them the title of Executive. There isn’t much an Executive has not handled in their craft with their many years (even decades) of experience along with their advanced education. They are leaders in the industry and in our organization and mentor our new generation of service providers.

With tiered pricing levels, Garbo’s can offer rates that support a variety of client needs. If you have any questions about the cost of our services, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Garbo’s offers a variety of salon and spa services including haircuts and hair coloring. Give the gift of relaxation.

Beyond the Salon

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