We can all agree that winter can feel like the longest season and sometimes drags out much longer than it should! Because of this, it is SO important to take care of your hair! The cold air can be damaging as it causes your hair cuticles to lift and let go of all of the moisture in your hair shaft. Here are a few easy tips to keep your hair glowing and hydrated throughout these colder months!

1. Minimize the amount of heat

Embrace your natural hair and beauty as much as possible during these winter months. Applying too much heat, in addition to the dry and cold air, can double your dryness and breakage as the heat strips your hair from its natural oils and proteins.

When you do decide to take out the curling iron and blow dryer, please do your hair a favor and pick up the Garbo’s Professional Brilliance Blow Dry Flat Iron Sealer! This will protect your hair from intense heat and also accelerate the blow drying process so there will be less heat on your hair!

3. Wash your hair less

The winter is the perfect time to train your hair by washing less. Try to go as long as you can in between shampoos. Wear a cute hat, put your hair in a stylish updo, or use Garbo’s Professional Freshen Up Dry Shampoo on the days you don’t regularly shampoo! Washing your hair every day can actually cause more dryness, greasiness, and can lead to more split ends. It will also strip your color faster and your hair’s natural oils, which we don’t want! Patience is the key to success with this one!

3. Moisturize as much as possible

Staying hydrated can support the moisture in your hair. Drink lots of water and maybe even get yourself a humidifier for your room to combat the winter dryness. Your overall health will reflect on your hair! Add the Garbo’s Professional Indulge Masque to your shower routine once a week for that extra moisture that won’t weigh your hair down!

Your hair will thank you this summer if you follow these three tips! Just as you start prepping your summer body in the winter, start prepping your hair as well so you will be glowing from head to toe! But the hair care doesn’t stop in the summer… We will be back soon for tips on how to care for your hair throughout the spring, summer, and fall! 

Let us know what you’re doing to protect your hair this winter season! You can browse and shop all of hair care products online or in-store or at any of our 5 locations in Omaha!

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