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This Omaha hair salon wants to keep you updated with everything going on in the beauty industry. Read our latest blog posts, found below, to stay up to date on the latest hair and beauty trends, to get to know our stylists a bit better and to learn more about the products we use and why we use them.

Hand Tied Hair Extensions

10 Things You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

Extensions are SO in. Longer, fuller, healthier hair is something we are all after. Hair only grows so fast but when it just isn’t fast enough we turn to extensions. While you may know a lot about this fad, there is so much more to learn! As we prepare to launch our very own brand of extensions, we wanted to share 10 things you need to know about them!
How to Treat Hair Loss

National Hair Loss Awareness Month

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month, a national holiday dedicated to raising awareness around this emotionally taxing condition affecting both men and women. Though the causes of hair loss differ from person to person, the toll on one’s confidence and self-image is the same.
Omaha Stylist Clair Wight

Spotlight - Omaha Stylist Clair Wight

I would wager a healthy sum that the majority of you reading this blog post know what it's like to sit in a salon chair. However, I predict that the majority of you can only imagine what it's like to actually own a salon and spa. With more than 10 years in the business of running salons and spas, Darcy Michalek, the owner of Garbo's Salon and Spa, lets us have a peek at the ins and outs of salon ownership and management.