Strong hold ponytail that won’t pull or crease your hair.  Works with dry or wet hair and perfect for everyone – regardless of hair type or texture.


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Garbobbles lend a hand to your hair with its inspired spiral design. Your Garbobble gives you a stong hold by applying pressure evenly around your ponytail without any pulling or creasing.  Garbobbles work with dry or wet hair and with its non-absorbent design you’ll never fuss with hair ties again.  Garbobbles are designed for everyone regardless of their hair type or texture.
Directions: Wrap your Garbobble around the wrist of your dominant hand. Brush your hair to remove tangles. Gather hair and lift into desired ponytail height. Smooth hair and wrap Garbobble around ponytail.
Fun Fact: If your Garbobble stretches out with use, place her in a cup of hot water (not boiling) and watch her slowly curl back to her original shape!
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