We are so thankful and appreciative of our employee’s passion and hard work every day. We are committed to providing support for our employee’s continued personal and professional growth! 

  • up to 60% commission
  • up to 20% retail commission
  • generous hourly pay guaranteed
  • flexible schedule
  • vacation pay 
  • 401k savings
  • health and dental insurance coverage
  • disability insurance

We also offer a variety of educational opportunities for our stylists’ mastery of industry trends as well as coaching and mentoring opportunities for personal and professional growth.  We customize our approach to fit what each person needs including one on one sessions, small group workshops and classroom instruction.  The majority of all education classes at Garbo’s are free for our team members.  If we’re not learning we’re not growing! 

We asked a few of our employees why they love working at Garbo’s and why they decide to stay year after year!

Why did you choose to work at Garbos?

“I was looking to work at a salon that would improve my skills and would offer me continuing education. Darcy gave me the chance to grow as a person and stylist.”

Sandra G. | Over 3 years at Garbo’s

“I loved the vibe and salon as soon as I walked in, and it was the perfect location I wanted to work at. Also loved how they gave me so much additional training/classes to make me feel more comfortable since I had just graduated from hair school!”

Hannah C. | Over 4 years at Garbo’s 

What do you love about working at Garbo’s?

“I love that I get to come to work where everyone treats each other so kindly and if someone needs help, someone steps up and helps. I also love that Garbos is education focused and goal oriented!”

Cheyenne | Over 1 year at Garbo’s

“I get to work with so many different stylists, some who specialize in cutting, some in extensions, some in fashion color. I get to watch and learn from these people and bounce ideas off of such a diverse group of stylists that I feel like my creativity never runs out.”

Jackie | Over 1 year at Garbo’s

How would you describe the work environment at Garbo’s?

“Supportive. Supportive in the direction their staff would like to grow and supportive of them where they currently are.”


“Working for Garbo's is working with a great team. There is freedom to run my business how I want and be myself.”

Erin | Over 5 years at Garbo’s

Do you believe that you have an advantage as a Garbo’s employee?

“Absolutely! When I'm asked where I do hair and I reply with Garbo's at Regency, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is impressed. They say, ‘ooh wow, that place is nice!’. I BEAM when they say that. It's an honor to be part of one of the longest standing salons in the state. Our growth is impressive and it's only up from here!”

Rachel | Over 5 years at Garbo’s

“Working for Garbo's has really been like working for no other organization. The support from our owners and the leadership teams they have in place is second to none. Garbo's treats their people right.”


Why are you thankful for being a Garbo’s employee?

“It's an Amazing place to work where I have always felt at home and encouraged by the staff and management. It has always been a beautiful salon with a stellar reputation and has always worked with me through life's changes/ups and downs!”

Amie | Over 12 years at Garbo’s

“Garbos, especially the Midtown location, has shaped who I am as a person in the last 5 years. On my worst days I can show up and immediately feel a sense of relief because I’m surrounded by a group of amazing people doing what they truly love. I went from losing all passion about this industry to a top performer and manager in less than 5 years and that’s all due to the support Garbos provides.”

Allison | Over 5 years at Garbo’s


Garbo’s is always looking to hire passionate people who are excited about the industry. We are a growing salon and spa and would love to help you build your business. If you or anyone you know may be interested in working at Garbo’s, please send a resume and portfolio to info@garbossalons.com

Learn more about working at Garbo’s here.

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