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By: Maddie Poteat

It may not officially be winter yet but the freezing weather and the snow have me feeling like we are right in the middle of it.  Thankfully, No-Shave November is here to warm us all up and get us thinking about a few important things!  While I will not be participating in No-Shave November this year ( I love my razor too much), I will definitely be supporting the cause. 

No-Shave November is a movement that encourages men to grow out their hair to help raise awareness for men battling prostate and testicular cancer as well as suicidal thoughts.  

If you thought Garbo’s was a female only salon, think again (and read this post and this post while you’re at it)!  While you guys are busy growing out your facial hair this month don’t be afraid to stop in to your nearest Garbo’s location for some help.  We can assist in styling your new, longer hair in a way that will have you looking and feeling great while being an ambassador for the No-Shave November movement.

More on the No-Shave November Movement

Of course you’ve heard of No-Shave November but maybe you’re not exactly sure what the movement is all about.  Don’t worry.  The movement began as a way to stimulate conversation centered around men’s health and break the stigma of men being uncomfortable talking about personal health issues. Studies show that men are 33% less likely to visit a doctor, leaving them susceptible to late detection and prone to health risks. By growing out facial hair or head hair, we can all be agents to a great cause!

Styling Your Way Through November

Many of the men I know use No-Shave November as an excuse to not worry about their hair for a month… So what if things look a little scraggly?  No!  The stylists here at Garbo’s beg you not to let yourself turn into a caveman… 

If you start waking up with messy hair try forming it after you get out of the shower with little of bit our Lucky Man Creme Clay.  The best part about this is that a little goes a long way, and if you’re on the go, you can always toss it in your bag and have it when you need it.  

Need a few other ideas for how to get the perfect beard while working with what you’ve got?  Check out this style guide below!

No Shave November Styling Guide

Hair loss shouldn’t be something you worry about during a month advocating growth, so if you’re looking to thicken your hair, consider meeting with a professional.  We’ve recently partnered with DGMD Medical to offer new MedSpa services at our Midtown Crossing location.  In addition to injectables and fillers, DGMD focuses on hair restoration in both men and women.  Dr. Gross and his team can help you find the best way to combat your hair loss – whether that is a prescription, PRP Therapy, a hair transplant or one of their other solutions!  In the meantime, you can check out this style guide for a few ideas on how to style the hair you do have!

If this is your first time adventuring with growing out your beard, congratulations to you!  With a wonderful beard comes the need for an even better hairstyle.  Lean on one of our talented stylists when it comes to this as they can point you toward the best hairstyle to match your beard,  

If all that time checking yourself out in the mirror has lead to you noticing a few more gray hairs than you thought you had, just remember our stylists love coloring our male clients’ hair as well.  There is nothing wrong with a little touch up from time to time!

By the time the month is over, the call is yours. Keep your beard and be proud you were an advocate for a great cause, or book an appointment and our stylists can help you get back to looking like yourself at whichever of our four locations suits you best!

Thanks as always for reading!

Sending love,


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