Finishing Spray 10oz

Best-selling hairspray delivers long-lasting style retention.


Aquage Wigs For Kids Finishing Spray – 10 oz details

what Aquage Wigs For Kids Finishing Spray – 10 oz is

  • Best-selling hairspray delivers long-lasting style retention

why you should use it

  • Ultra-fine mist builds hold, body and shine ideal for forming the shape of a style and locking in your final style
  • Seals the cuticle and creates a smooth surface that reflects light for brilliant shine

when to use it

  • After achieving the desired style with Aquage styling and texturizing products

how much to use

  • Apply in layers, depending on the level of hold desired
  • Always spray the hair from at least 8-10 inches away to achieve maximum performance

how to use it

  • Spray in short, even strokes, always directing the spray toward the ends to completely seal the cuticle and create maximum shine
  • Finishing Spray can be used for hold and control or for creating volume and lift
  • The further away from the head the product is applied, the drier the spray which delivers more effective hold

Wigs for Kids Details

Wigs for Kids was founded over 33 years ago by hairdresser Jeffrey Paul and his wife Zina in an effort to help their 15-year old niece who was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for leukemia. After searching for a natural-looking wig that would withstand the rigors of typical kids’ activities with no luck, Jeffrey decided to make one himself!

Over 2 million children are affected by hair loss from chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania and other medical conditions. A portion of the proceeds from this limited edition Finishing Spray will be donated to Wigs for Kids.