Omaha Fashion Week – The Wedding Salon

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By: Maddie

This week was a special week for us – we had the opportunity to join Omaha Fashion Week in its first bridal themed showcase – The Wedding Salon!

Omaha Fashion Week Models styled by Garbo's Salon and Spa Hairstylists
Heather and Jameson Photography

As the summer winds down (I can’t believe Labor Day is almost here!) and wedding season comes to a close, we were excited to show those attending the event the different hair and makeup styles we were able to create.  As the night’s exclusive makeup and hair vendor, we had the chance to let our creative juices flow and come up with the styles that best suited both the model and the dress they would adorn later that evening.  From up-do’s to braids to large back-combed styles, we really had fun creating each and every look!

Brunette Model in Wedding Gown
Heather and Jameson Photography

Just like a typical wedding day it was both exciting and stressful… doing hair and makeup for 70+ women is no easy task!  With only a few hours to make visions into reality, the floor was buzzing with activity.  As the final bobby pins were placed and the clouds of hairspray died down, the final products began to emerge… and let me tell you, everyone looked stunning!  It was hard to believe the women in the chairs were not getting ready to walk down the aisle but instead the runway!

Garbo's Makeup Artist Applying Eyeshadow
Heather and Jameson Photography

Weddings hold a special place in our hearts here at Garbo’s.  As a recent bride myself, I know how much trust our clients put in their stylists when they ask them to be a part of their special day.  So being able to showcase our talented teams’ abilities to a room full of people was a treat and we were delighted to be a part of Omaha Fashion week again this year!

Blonde Model in Wedding Gown
Heather and Jameson Photography

If you or any of your friends are getting married soon please consider Garbo’s when looking for a team to take care of you and your girls on your big day.  Drop us a line or send us a note (link below) to find out how we can help make your day truly special!

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