A Statement from Garbo's Salon and Spa

In response to the recent events on social media, we would like to make a public statement. Garbo’s has been in operation in Omaha, NE, for more than 30 years and we pride ourselves on celebrating the diversity of our clients and employees. Our salons are often a place where differing viewpoints are shared and discussed in a neighborly manner — despite the claims made by a politically charged social media personality, we do not ‘ban’ a client for what emerges from those conversations. However, we do limit access to clients who are consistently belligerent or harassing others in our salons, and those who have repeatedly violated our scheduling policies.  

After reviewing all of the facts and reviewing our processes, we should have done a better job explaining the reasoning for limiting this specific client's access, and for that, we apologize. We have attempted to contact this client to explain the specific history and why this decision was made.  

To be completely clear, the narrative that has been spun that we banned this client for his political actions and viewpoints is simply not true.

Garbo’s has always been about our people, not only our staff but also the people choosing to spend a bit of their day with us. We want to share the next 30 years with our people as well; regardless of their age, gender, beliefs, values, skin tone, sexuality, and political affiliations. Our doors have always been wide open to the community we love, and they will always remain so.