1. Dry Air = Dry Hair


As the temperature drops, so does the humidity.  We know you aren’t a fan of what humidity does to most hair styles but it’s a two edged sword.  Yep, don’t celebrate too long because before you know it, that sustained lack of moisture in the air does the same thing to your hair.  Ugh, it’s like you can’t win, right?  No, I mean yes?  I mean we have the fix.

45a19af76b2c1d9a58a66c191003c65aOur number 1 shampoo for dry hair is “Pure Moisture Shampoo“.  It’s going to
drench your hair with moisture but not weigh it down.  That’s a very tricky task but Pure Moisture crushes it.   Use it just on
ce and you’ll feel the difference.  So comb-able and manageable.  Feels like hair again.  All the bells and whistles:

  • sulfate and salt free
  • no petrochemicals
  • formaldehyde-free
  • no animal testing
  • gluten-free

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2.  Split Ends and Fly Aways


Fly away with me…on vacation away from this cold dry air!  Ok so now you have more than just dry hair.  Your ends are splitting and your fly aways are out of control.  Once again, it’s the dry air plus hats, sweaters, heaters,  furnaces and static electricity.  Yay, winter!  Oh but wait,…we have your hair life preservers right here.

The aforementioned Pure Moisture is always going to be good for any kind of dryness or you can chose these…

d22333b928c49c736e0924787ae032cbArgan Anti-Frizz Shampoo – smooths, silkens and adds shine to unmanageable, curly, frizzy or chemically treated hair.   You will also want to add the Intense Anti-Frizz Conditioner.  Both with Moroccan Argan oil built right in.  Again, they have all the bells and whistles but also give you help controlling unruliness.  No, you can not feed to your kids.  Only on hair.
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3.  Dry Scalp

Oh pretty it’s snowing….oh wait.  Never mind.  I’m afraid that’s dry flaky scalp in your hair and on your navy top. This is the obvious conclusion to Cold Air = Dry Air = Dry Hair = Dry Scalp = Flaky Scalp 🙁    Listen, just like snowflakes we’re all unique.  Some of us have get oily scalp then it’s dry out and some of us get dry scalp.  It’s weird I know but it has to do with your physiologic makeup aaaaand what you’re putting on your head and doing to it.  So our scalps either over produce or under produce… um,  sebum.  Ugh, can we just call it oil?  Let’s call it oil.  Either way your scalp will probably flake.  Dry or oily as it sluffs off the skin.  I’m sorry but this stuff is all very normal and we get it one way or the other.  Don’t get freaked out.  Get the right shampoo for the season!

Energizing Shampoo it going to change your idea about shampoo.  It’s made for your scalp and you’ll know the first time you use it.  But please, and I know this from personal experience, don’t use this as a body wash.  Without getting in to the details suffice it to say… it tingles.  I mean like crazy tingles.  It feels amazing on your scalp but keep it there, trust me.  Please.  It has menthol and caffein in it which stimulates your scalp and promotes blood flow which is all great for getting your hair growing and cleaning out those follicles and your flaky scalp. But after using this you really need one of our amazing conditioners.  Yes, even if you are in the oily camp group.  Which, quite frankly was the worst summer camp I ever attended.screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-4-54-13-pm

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We also have a new Men’s line with a new shampoo just for this very thing as well.

Order Lucky Man Scalp Stimulating Shampoo <<<here.  (Ya, same thing goes for you guys about the tingly thing.  Don’t.)


Finally, when you really need the big guns (which you will during winter for most the country), it’s time to bust 720ec7fb3e39a618bef04465cda40e0dout Indulge Masque Deep Conditioner.  This is the ultimate in moisturizing treatment.  What is particularly unique about it is that it won’t weigh your hair down after a good rinse.  It renews and revitalizes with moisture which gives your hair bend and flexibility again.  It’s very luxe and you’ll want to use it daily even if you don’t need it.  We recommend weekly or as needed.

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You just have to have the right tools for the season.  Have a great winter!9737b9d85687280bd88101bc6189802c