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By: Maddie Poteat

Mikaela Kellogg

This month we shine the stylist spotlight on Omaha stylist Mikaela Kellogg.  Mikaela joined the Garbo’s family back in January and has been inspiring those around her at the Midtown Crossing location ever since.  Having grown up with a passion for art she decided to channel that love for creativity into a career as a hairstylist!

At Garbo’s we love how active Mikaela is on social media – constantly sharing photos of her work and her life, she does a brilliant job of capturing what it truly means to be a stylist at Garbo’s.  While we continue to share what life is like behind the scenes of a salon and spa this month, Mikaela pulls back the curtain on her life and career for us in her great interview below!

How long have you been a stylist at Garbo’s Salon and Spa and what made you want to work here?

“My career with Garbo’s started in January of 2019. Being a hairstylist is a dream come true! In this field, I have found myself starting lots of goals and pushing myself to be the best version of myself as I possibly can! This industry is always growing & changing. One thing that tremendously caught my attention about Garbo’s was the extra education they offer to stylists. It is so important to keep yourself updated with trends/styles, and also to keep learning! There are so many paths one can take, so finding your niche and pursuing that is important. Practice makes perfect! 

Additionally, I would add the atmosphere you feel is very inviting and welcoming! Every location treats its guests the same! Our guests are first and foremost, everything else can wait. We work as a team, always willing to lend a hand when needed. It makes a huge difference in working for a salon where people support one another! 

Furthermore, Garbo’s owner, Darcy Michalek, is one of the most genuine and caring people I have met! When I met her, I knew this was where I was meant to be. She is a strong leader: one who helps set realistic goals and make a concise plan on how you can meet them. Darcy always encourages us while also making us think hard about who we are, who we want to be, and how we want to get to where we want to go. 

Finally, I chose Garbo’s because it is a very social media-driven and forward-looking company! Of course, word of mouth is a great way to get your name out there; however, the time we are living in is all about social media!  Taking pictures is one of my favorite things. You get to choose that perfect angle & lighting to capture your work to share with the world! The internet is a great platform to showcase your work! We like to keep up with the trends here at Garbo’s, so we jumped on the social media bandwagon!”

Omaha Stylist Mikaela Kellogg in Arizona
Omaha Stylist Mikaela Kellogg working at Midtown Crossing

What is your favorite service to provide to your clients?

“Color & cuts – oh my!

One of my favorite things about color is YOU get to be the artist. You hold the most powerful wand! 😉 It can change an entire person’s look if you want!  From covering grey completely to blending grey with color or foils, giving someone a vibrant red, blue or even the rainbow! Guests who are lower maintenance but still want that summer glow; balayage is the perfect go-to. There are so many ways to do a balayage look, it is pretty freestyle! Full head foils are always a fun challenge to see how many foils I can get in, my running foil achievement is 114! 

Typically, when you get your hair colored or highlighted, there’s always a haircut thrown into the mix. From short hair to long – I love both Women’s and Men’s hair. My favorite is when a guest comes in and wants a drastic change; mostly because you can tell they are over what they have and want something new and different! I’m always down for a good challenge; however, I do like my girls that just want a trim! I see you!! 😉  Same with color, a good cut can change a person’s look! My end goal is to always give my guests what they want and make sure they leave happy and satisfied knowing I gave it my all! 

Who doesn’t like a good shampoo?! This is probably top of what I enjoy about pampering my guests! In the salon chair, while I am working on their hair we are either asking each other questions, getting to know one another or catching up from the last time we spoke about life, family, upcoming/past trips, etc.  So, I use this time at the shampoo bowl for my guests to relax.  At Garbo’s, we are all about pampering our clients so we use hot towels that we have spiced up with relaxing/cooling essential oils for extra neck support on your neck while at the shampoo bowl. After the shampoo, while I am letting the conditioner sit, I take this time to give a scalp & neck massage! The best response I can get is, “I’ll pay you extra for 10 more minutes of this!” or “I may take a little nap, this is great!” “

Why did you choose to be a hairstylist and why do you love it?

“Cosmetology did not cross my mind until after high school. Growing up drawing and painting, I was always using & challenging my artistic ability. Anyone will tell you, as a kid, my dream was to become an artist. Starting my art business in 2014 was the beginning of really dreaming about making art my career. Well, here I am today; using my artistic talent to create masterpieces out of hair! I don’t think there could have been a better field for myself. When it came to making the decision of art school or hair school, I knew overall that I wanted to be a positive impact on someone’s life & what better way than cosmetology?

Over the years, I have become quite the people person! My love and compassion for people are unreal! I used to get so frustrated by the fact that I would become so moved emotionally by others emotions or events in others’ lives. Now, I see it as a gift God has given me to better help love people. My goal with everyone who sits in my salon chair is to make them feel valued, seen and loved. That they feel beautiful, confident & worthy of feeling that way!! To live this life is a gift, to be able to positively impact another person’s life is a gift; a gift I am privileged to be given. 

The greatest joy is watching your client walk out of the salon happy & confident to tackle anything that comes their way!!”

Omaha Stylist Mikaela Kellogg working at Garbo's Salon and Spa, Midtown Crossing
Omaha Stylist Mikaela Kellogg

How does social media influence your business?

“Social media is a big part of what Garbo’s pursues in creating new high-quality content for our clients to be inspired by! I have grown up with a love to take photos & Instagram is my jam. It is a great platform to show your creativity, show your work and write about what you love. As much as word of mouth is wonderful, social media is growing and more and more people go to the web to search for hairstylists/salons near you. Also, when they research this, if you have an Instagram/Facebook handle with the right hashtags and your content is there, your page is more likely to be clicked on. There are so many ways to brand yourself and I am still figuring it out but this year I have decided to tackle building my very first website! 

As I have said, social media is quite popular these days, and the more outlets you have the better! My website is a place where people can go to see more of my work, watch how-to videos, see behind the scenes of a hairstylist’s life through personal encouraging blogs. There I can also share my favorite products I use in the salon.  If you are interested, you can find my website here:

Do you have any tips/tricks that you would like to share with other stylists who are just starting to build out their profiles?

“First, CONGRATS! You are in one of the best industries! You are also about to make a very great decision, building your brand!  No, I do not have it all together or figured out; but here is what I have learned.  You are you – share that with the world!  Share your work, your uniqueness and build your brand in a way that you choose & feel is right.  However, the algorithm game is harsh but you can override it. 😉 Instagram or Facebook (I would create a business account for both), these posts should be the highest quality you can get within your means. Quality over quantity.  In the IG world, they say to post once a day, which is not realistic, especially if you are busy in the salon! 

Cohesiveness on your page will make such a difference in what your page looks like.  If you use a little filter, always keep the same tone, warmer or cooler. The way photos flow on your page makes a huge difference. I have seen pages where they just post whatever whenever – that is not bad, but it looks more pleasing to the eye if you have some sort of organization.  For example, I will post 2 hair photos to 1 photo of me (where I’ll talk a little more one on one, a storyline) or 1 hair photo, 1 makeup photo to 1 photo of me; this way it is cohesive and flows! 

Your bio is very important! You have about 3 seconds to catch someone’s attention enough for them to hit that follow button!  This means, having an eye-catching trendy profile photo! If we want to attract someone in 3 seconds, it should say what you do, for example:

“Hairstylist in Omaha, NE. 

Expert colorist & balayage artist.

Spreading good vibes” 

Listed in a way that they can see where you live and what kind of hair you like to do! If you have a website or an online booking tool, add this to your profile as well! You can make it as interesting and unique as you want; just be yourself with it! 

Lastly, HASHTAGS! Woooooooo! These are my favorite, hashtags are how someone can very simply search “omahahairstylist” & find your page.  The trick is to do more local hashtags than broad ones like “hairstylist”, (which hairstylist might be good if you are going for more of an educator view rather than getting people into your salon chair).  Yes, it is great to have people find you from California or North Carolina, but if your goal with social media is to get people IN your chair than local tags are the way to go! 

I see a lot of hairstylists putting hashtags in the post. Remember when I was talking about making your page simple & cohesive? If you are scrolling through a business page and all you see is hashtags, it looks messy and tacky. So, still add the tags, just add them in the comments;  Ahhh, so much cleaner when the eye scrolls by! 

These are a lot of “you have to’s” but just a few simple things I have learned so far. Please remember to be yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you who you should be, you alone are enough. Have fun & be creative! 

What type of posts have you found work the best for finding and booking new clients on social media?

“I have found that taking good quality photos of our clients (before or after), then sending those photos over to our clients and asking them when they post to tag you & Garbo’s in the post works great! This is one of the best forms of advertisement on social media – straight from your guest’s page!  It gives you a chance to gain followers & eventually get them & their friends into your salon chair!”

We are taking our clients and readers behind the scenes this month - is there anything you would like the readers to know about you and your work that they may not?

“I was born in California but raised in Northeast Iowa and still not used to the cold winters! ;).  I traveled to Kigali, Rwanda & there is where I met the love of my life!  I fell in love with the country & one of their very own, very handsome men.”

Omaha Stylist Mikaela Kellogg with Boyfriend

Mikaela’s passion for her career is abundantly clear from the fantastic photos she shared with us.  It was a treat being able to interview someone who truly loves her job and loves sharing it with the world!

I highly recommend following Mikaela on Instagram – her page is full of inspiration!  If you would like to schedule an appointment with Mikaela you can find her at the Midtown Crossing location.  Click here to book online or book by calling the salon (402.933.9737).

Thank you so much to Mikaela for taking the time to share more about herself with us!  We enjoyed every minute!

Thanks as always for reading!

Sending love,


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By: Maddie Poteat

“The Men of Garbo’s”… It has a nice ring to it!  Although it may sound like a hot new band’s name, The Men of Garbo’s are the fantastic male stylists who make up a small, but mighty, percentage of our team.  We have been busy sharing why Garbo’s Salon and Spa offers the best men’s haircuts in Omaha (Book now!), but we wanted to make sure our own guys get the credit they deserve.  What better time than Men’s Month to spotlight the Men of Garbo’s?!

Introducing the Men of Garbo’s!

John Bernal, Omaha Hair Stylist

John Bernal, Hairdresser at Garbo’s, Midtown Crossing

How long have you worked at Garbo’s?

“I began working at Garbo’s back in 1996.  I was originally located at One Pacific Place but moved to the Midtown Crossing location when it opened.  I have been there ever since.”

What is your favorite service to provide to clients?

“What I love most is making someone love their hair.  Sometimes it’s the cut, sometimes it’s the color, sometimes its other treatments.  It’s hard for me to choose just one!”

In your opinion, how does Garbo’s cater to our male clients?

“Garbo’s provides head to toe services for our male guests – haircuts and color, facials and body treatments, waxing, manicures, and pedicures.”

Christian Brooks, Hair Stylist Omaha NE

Christian Brooks, Hairdresser at Garbo’s, Village Pointe

How long have you worked at Garbo’s?

“I’ve worked at Garbo’s for one year”.

What is your favorite service to provide to clients?

“My favorite service to provide to my clients is hand tied extensions.”

In your opinion, how does Garbo’s cater to our male clients?

“Garbo’s caters to our male clients by giving them a comfortable space to get “pampered” without making them feel uncomfortable.”

We are using the month of June to raise awareness that Garbo’s offers Men’s Haircuts as well as many other services that men should take advantage of.  With that being said, is there anything you would like to add?

“One service that men should take advantage of is hair color.  I have a male client who doesn’t have hair on his head yet we still blend out the grey in his beard.  He always feels much more confident after the service.”

Adam Kloppenborg, Guest Services at Garbo's Salon and Spa

Adam Kloppenborg, Guest Services at Garbo’s, Village Pointe

How long have you worked at Garbo’s?

“I’ve worked at Garbo’s for the past two months”

What is your favorite service to provide to your clients?

“My favorite service to provide is making sure our clients feel like they’re being taken care of to the best of my ability.”

How does Garbo’s cater to our male client’s?

“We definitely seem to have more stylists that really enjoy doing men’s haircuts and colors than other salons I’ve worked at.  It is very beneficial to have people who are skilled at each.”

We are using the month of June to raise awareness that Garbo’s offers Men’s Haircuts as well as many other services that men should take advantage of.  With that being said, is there anything you would like to add?

“I feel like a lot of men forget that simple maintenance or grooming can be very beneficial to how they look and feel.  Simply getting your eyebrows waxed, or your cut cleaned up, or even changing things up with a new color or style all together.  Feeling good and looking good go hand in hand.”

Thomas Sena, Hair Stylist and Manager Omaha NE

Tom Sena,  Hair Stylist and Salon Manager at Garbo’s, Regency

How long have you worked at Garbo’s?

This is a difficult question for me.  I began my career at Garbo’s over 25 years ago as a newbie in the location at One Pacific Place.  I then worked at The Factory, opened up my own salon (T’eez) where I worked for the next 18 years and then I finally returned to Garbo’s to work with Darcy (Garbo’s owner) about 5 years ago!

What is your favorite service to provide to your clients?

My favorite service is probably updos.  I feel most creative while I’m designing in real time.  Also, I love that it’s usually for an event as it’s fun to be a part of someone’s special day.  Styling was something that took me the most conscious effort to learn.  I felt like the females I went to school with at least had experience working with hot tools on their own heads but I had to start from scratch.  I was determined to work hard to catch up.  Once I got into it I really loved it.  I’ve styled for many photo shoots and fashion shows over the years.  I have also had the honor of styling for many brides over the years.  At the height of my schedule behind the chair I was styling over 50 brides a year.  My record was 6 separate brides in one day!   It’s truly an honor.  I even had the genuine honor of styling the writer of this blog for her wedding!!! 

How does Garbo’s cater to our male client’s?

Males are the fastest growing demographic in our salons today.  Men simply care more than ever about their personal style.  Even with the resurgence of barbering there just aren’t as many barber shops around anymore.  Training for our stylists at Garbo’s focuses a great deal on men’s cuts and styles and the specific products that work best for men.  The men’s cuts of today are demanding and we don’t take that lightly.  Bring on the dudes.  We ain’t scurred.

We are using the month of June to raise awareness that Garbo’s offers Men’s Haircuts as well as many other services that men should take advantage of.  With that being said, is there anything you would like to add?

Besides all the new cuts and styles that men are wearing, or wish to wear, they are also paying closer attention to manicures, pedicures, waxing, and skin care.  Grooming for men is more than just hair.  Maintaining eyebrows, nose, and ear hair, beards, nails, and skin is also a part of a man’s regular maintenance routine.  Because it’s newer to many men, we help direct them and let them know what we can do for them.  Often men come in with orders from their wives or partners.  We are happy to help them out and even get them into grooming before they are told by their partners to get in here.  We help guys show up to the party already looking great!

Adam Podraza, Guest Services Omaha NE

Adam Podraza, Guest Services at Garbo’s Regency

How long have you worked at Garbo’s?

“I have been in the beauty industry since 2009 but joined the Garbo’s team in 2018.”

What is your favorite service to provide to your clients?

“Getting to know our guests is my passion.  Everything from connecting with our clients who have been letting our team service their families for 20+ years as well as finding the perfect stylist for each new guest that calls or walks into one of our locations.  Every member of our team has a unique skill set and different services they are passionate about and seeing the connection you have made between a guest and the right service provider is a satisfying feeling. Being in guest services is a unique position within a salon, you provide the first and last impression for our guests. You need to be knowledgeable not just about the products and services we provide but also about each of your service providers, their personalities as well as their strengths.”

How does Garbo’s cater to our male client’s?

“Overall, men tend to be very dedicated to a good stylist/barber and I have never seen a more fiercely loyal clientele until joining the team at Garbo’s.  While I feel that alone speaks volumes about the level of service our stylists provide, at every location we have team members who specialize in men’s haircuts.  The education and support I see here at the salon blows me away and has taken the barbering skills of our stylists to another level.”

We are using the month of June to raise awareness that Garbo’s offers Men’s Haircuts as well as many other services that men should take advantage of.  With that being said, is there anything you would like to add?

“I’ve taken my skin for granted over the years using harsh chemicals, products that weren’t appropriate for my skin, unprotected sun exposure and just plain neglect and I’ve found that as I (and my skin) have aged, I have become extremely passionate about aesthetics.  For decades, things like skin and nail care have been deemed “girly” and overlooked by a lot of the male population but as a society we have become very focused on the visual (social media, reality television, etc) and practicing self-care has become a huge part of that trend.  Services like facials aren’t just a hydrating lotion and cucumber slices on your eyes anymore, they’re highly refined and specialized treatments for your skin prepared by professionally educated and licensed providers.  A Signature Facial not only leaves my dry skin balanced and hydrated but it’s a long term investment is your skin’s health. Not to mention, it’s also one of the most relaxing experiences you can have (I fall asleep every time).  A natural mani/pedi exfoliates the skin on your hands and feet and combined with a trim of your cuticles and buffing of your nails (or clear polish if that’s your jam) is a huge boost to your self-esteem.  A massage by one of our therapists is the right way to really hit the reset button on your body and balance you both physically and mentally.”

A big thank you to John, Christian, Adam, Adam, and Tom for taking the time to share their thoughts with us.  Ken, we’ll catch you next time!  

If you are still scratching your head at the difference between a barber and hair stylist I urge you read our previous blog post (What is The Difference Between a Barber and a Stylist?) – we’ve laid it all out in a super easy-to-understand infographic!

If you are interested in booking an appointment with one of our talented male stylists please click here.  Otherwise, thank you all for reading and we’ll be back soon for another great salon blog post!

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By: Maddie Poteat

What is the difference between a Barber and a Hair Stylist?  Does it matter?  Well, when it comes to male grooming, guys have a couple of options.  Aside from swanky shaving boutiques, “watch sports while you get your haircut” salons, and the classic men’s barbershop, the options for a men’s haircut boils down to two options: a Barber or a Hair Stylist.  While knowing the core differences between the two professions can be helpful, we argue that choosing one over the other because of their title isn’t the best way to go.

Making the Right Choice

In honor of Men’s Health Month, we’ve put together a thoughtful infographic detailing everything you need to know about Barbers and Hair Stylists – the tools they use, the skills they possess and the education they must attain.  It may surprise you to learn just how much the two professions have in common!  Make sure to read through to the end as we include our recommendation on how to choose the best option for you at the bottom.

Barbers Vs Hair Stylists


Sherri Mahoney, Manager, Master Stylist, and Barber at Garbo’s Salon and Spa, Village Pointe

Arthur Lyle, Owner and Master Barber at Lyle Stylez & Cutz (@lylestylez_cutz)

How to Choose between a Barber and a Hair Stylist

The main difference between a barber and a hair stylist is the fact that a barber can use a straight edge razor to shave your face.  Now, the education piece is important as well.  While cosmetologists learn a variety of skills during their time at school, Barber’s do spend more time learning about the different cutting and styling techniques on men’s hair.  

With that being said, we argue that your decision between a barber and a stylist should come down to the professional and not the profession.  In our opinion, it doesn’t matter which license they hold – the quality of service, the integrity of the person, the commitment to their craft and their passion for the industry should matter much more.

Making Your Decision

The next time you are in need of a new stylist or barber here is our recommendation on how to choose between the two.

  1. Determine your desired cut/style – the type of style or cut you are after will help you narrow down the pool of potential hair cutters.
  2. Research your area’s best salons and barbershops (look at their work on their website or social media, read their online reviews, drop in for a quick consultation, or ask your friends and family for suggestions)
  3. Once you’ve chosen your preferred location, communicate with the guest services team.  More than likely they will know the ins and outs of each stylist or barber who works there – what they specialize in, what types of styles they are good at, what they enjoy doing, etc.  The guest services team will be able to place you with a person who can help you achieve the look you are going for.
  4. Over-communicate!  Every time you visit a new stylist or barber make sure you tell them exactly what your vision is.  Don’t be afraid to speak up during the appointment if the cut isn’t short enough or the look isn’t turning out as you thought it would.
  5. Bring in a photo as an example.  It never hurts to have a visual example of what you are looking for.

All in all, it is important to remember that most stylists these days are well trained and well equipped to handle any type of men’s haircut or style.  On the flip side, most barbers are equally as trained to handle women’s cuts and styles.  At Garbo’s, our stylists attend Men’s Cutting classes and Barberology courses each year in order to stay up to date on the latest techniques and trends.  When searching for a new place to get your haircut, make sure Garbo’s is on the top of your list!

A big thank you to both Sherri Mahoney and Arthur Lyle who helped fact check and provide valuable insight for this blog post.  Arthur has a new book out called “The Cutting Edge” – if you are a Barber or a Stylist and need help growing your business this book is a must read! 

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By: Maddie Poteat

Contrary to what you might think, working for a salon/spa doesn’t mean I have tried every new service we provide to our clients.  In fact, I probably surface for an appointment once every couple of months… Why is that you ask?  I am verrryyyy low maintenance when it comes to my hair and beauty routines.  The more time I spend on my makeup and hair in the morning means less time for everything else!  

With all of that being said, when eyelash extensions became big they quickly caught my eye.  With the promise of a shorter morning beauty routine AND having amazing lashes every moment of every day – even after just rolling out of bed – I had to learn more! 

Therefore, I chatted with a few of our experts in eyelash extensions and had them answer every question I had about the product, the service, and the up-keep. 

What are eyelash extensions?

Let’s start here.  Eyelash extensions are exactly like what they sound like.  Real or synthetic hair is attached to your current lash to make them longer, fuller or more voluminous.  There are three types of hair a salon can use: synthetic, silk or mink.  The lovely ladies at Garbo’s use Mink Hair for the eyelash extensions as they are lighter on the eyelid than other types.  In addition to the different types of hair, you can also choose the look, shape and the length you desire.  Once you know what type of lashes you would like, a trained professional applies the false lashes to your natural lashes one at a time using a special type of semi-permanent glue.  Think of lash extensions as hair extensions for your eyes…


Ahhh the famous question…  After much research and talking with the gals at the salon, the answer is no!  When the extensions are applied correctly they will not harm your natural lashes.  The special adhesive used on your lashes is formulated to create a solid bond specifically for human lashes.  The adhesive dries softly on the lashes which allows them to stay flexible and bouncy just like your own lashes.  With that being said, if you take proper care of your lashes while you have them they will not hurt your natural lashes at all!

How expensive are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions can range in price depending on what type you select and where you have them done.  At Garbo’s, our prices for the first appointment start at $175.  The price for each follow up appointment start at $60.  >> Book your appointment now.

How long does it take to apply the lashes?

As we mentioned above, eyelash extensions are added one by one.  Because of this, the process can take a while… A normal initial appointment can last anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours.  The subsequential appointments you make to fill in the lashes that have fallen out do not take as long – the length of these appointments depends on how many new lashes you need.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Since the lashes themselves are glued to your natural lash they will eventually fall out – either from coming detached from the natural lash or when the natural lash itself falls out.  Because of this, a full set of lash extensions will last 3-4 weeks depending on your level of activity and how you care for them.   If you intend on wearing your eyelash extensions longer than 3-4 weeks (which most people do) you will have to head back to the salon for a fill.  This appointment doesn’t take as long as the original lash appointment but new lashes will need to be added to replace the ones that fell out.


Yes!  Your eyelash technician should be properly trained to apply the adhesive to the lashes in a way that will not harm or irritate your eye.  At Garbo’s, all of the stylists and estheticians who offer eyelash extensions have taken the required training and have the experience necessary to safely apply false lashes.  However, if for some reason you do experience any burning or discomfort during your appointment it is important you speak up!  This service should be a pain-free and relaxing experience.


There are a few big no-nos when it comes to eyelash extensions.  First and foremost – do not pick or pull them off.  This will most likely result in you pulling out  your real lash along with the fake one!  Also, keep water away from your lashes for the first 12-24 hours as it can weaken the adhesive before it is set.  Depending on the type of glue used, most oil-based products or makeup removers around the eye area should be avoided.  You should also avoid rubbing your eyes as that will loosen or pull the lash off prematurely.  For a full list of do’s and don’ts ask your technician after your appointment – he or she will be able to provide you with more information that is specific to the type of lashes that were installed.

Are you running out the door as you read this to get eyelash extensions?  Or do all the rules and upkeep scare you away?  Did I miss any of your burning questions?  Let me know!

If you’re one of those people sprinting to get your falsies applied, you can make your appointment by calling your preferred Garbo’s salon location or booking online!  

Thanks as always for reading and following along!

Sending love,


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By: Maddie Poteat

Erica Bang

This month we shine the stylist spotlight on Omaha Stylist Erica Bang!  Erica has been a stylist for the past six and a half years and every single one of those years has been spent at Garbo’s!

Having grown up visiting Garbo’s to get her hair done, she knew the salon and the stylists who worked there.  When she realized she wanted to become a stylist as well she couldn’t think of a better place to start than Garbo’s.

We love when people find their home in our salon and can’t wait to share her amazing work with you here!  Read below to learn why Erica loves being a stylist and what new services she is offering to help grow her business.  Also, make sure to check out all the amazing before and after photos as well! 

How long have you been a stylist at Garbo’s Salon and Spa and what made you want to work here?

I have been a stylist for about 6 and a half years. I have loved every minute of it here at Garbo's. I wanted Garbos to be my first salon because when I was young I used to get my hair done by another stylist here, Crystal, and hair day with her was the best day ever !! I loved being here at the salon and it just felt like a great home for me.

Erica Bang Omaha Hairstylist Installs the best type of extensions - Before
Erica Bang Omaha Hairstylist Installs the best type of extensions - After

What is your favorite service to provide to your clients?

My favorite service to provide clients is probably color. You can change someone's whole entire look by changing the color. Brightening around their face to deep dark colors can seriously make someone look at themselves totally different and give them confidence they didn't have before.

Erica Bang Omaha Hairstylist Installs affordable extensions - Before
Erica Bang Omaha Hairstylist Installs affordable extensions - After

Why do you love being a hairstylist?

I love being a stylist for many reasons... Getting to know people is a huge part. I love doing hair (obviously), but getting to know someone for this many years and creating deep friendships is huge. I never realized how important some of my clients really are to me... I know so much about them and having a relationship with people outside of hair is something I truly love. I love being a stylist and helping people finally get the look they have always wanted.

Erica Bang Omaha Hairstylist Installs volumizing extensions - Before
Erica Bang Omaha Hairstylist Installs volumizing extensions - After

You recently started providing extensions to your clients - what type of extensions do you offer and what was the training like to learn to properly install them?

The type of extensions I offer are called hand tied weft extensions. They are so fabulous !! They are the safest and softest type of extension on your hair. The training was a blast - about a 5 hour class of training and focus and learning to be the best on something so amazing was so fun.

Why do you think extensions are so popular these days?

I think extensions are so popular these days because it's so easy to get that thick hair people really want! If you can get thick, beautiful hair, why wouldn't you?! With a little bit of maintenance every 8 weeks, the hair can last up to a year or longer!! Feeling that good about yourself is worth it all for me. Coming from a fine haired girl, I WILL have the look I've always wanted !!

Erica Bang Omaha Hairstylist Extension Before and After - Before
Erica Bang Omaha Hairstylist Extension Before and After - After

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Garbo’s was the best salon I could’ve started my career at and I know they will always have my back. I am so happy I get to be part of the Garbo’s family and so happy I get to share my journey with all of you!

Erica Bang Omaha Hairstylist Best Hair Extensions - Before
Erica Bang Omaha Hairstylist Best Hair Extensions - After

Erica has grown her business over the past year by offering the new hand tied weft extensions.  We are always amazed how quickly she can transform someone’s look by adding length and thickness to their hair! 

We have loved having Erica as a member of the Garbo’s family for the past six years – she has grown into a leader among our stylists and we are lucky to have her!  You can find Erica at our Village Pointe location.  If you are interested in learning more about the type of extensions we offer or would like to schedule a consultation with her you can book your next appointment online or call the salon at 402.991.2227.

If you are looking for hair inspiration we highly recommend following Erica on Instagram.  Her before and after looks are SO impressive! @ebang4

Thank you so much to Erica for allowing us to interview her this month and for sharing her before and after photos with us!  

If you are a stylist looking for a new salon and think Garbo’s would be a good fit make sure to check out our Careers page.  We have some of the best benefits in town!

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