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Top Performers 2020

No doubt, last year was hard.  But even with that challenge, our stylists and estheticians continued to perform at their highest levels each day. Their dedication, hard work, and excellence shone through every aspect of their work.

Each year we enjoy recognizing and celebrating those who take their commitment to their stylists to the next level.  While we truly value and appreciate everyone who calls Garbo’s home, it is important to honor those who go above and beyond.  While we normally throw a large party and take lots of pictures, this year we had to celebrate differently.

With over 100 service providers working for Garbo’s Salon and Spa, these stylists and estheticians have excelled in their performance. These fantastic men and women worked hard all year – taking great care of each client, and constantly working to improve their skills.  

The Top Performers of 2020 are out and we wanted to take the time to recognize each winner individually below. If you see your stylist/esthetician listed, please tell them congratulations. They have definitely earned it!

Black Diamond/ Diamond Level

Lindsey Balkovec Black Diamond Level

Sherri Mahoney Diamond Level

Amber Meier Diamond Level

Gold Level

Katherine Bower

Thomas Sena - Omaha Hairstylist

Tom Sena

Shannon Carsey

Ken Chapman, Hair Stylist Omaha NE

Ken Chapman

Silver Level

Denise Hilson - Stylist

Denise Hilson

Clair Wight

Eileen Staley - Stylist

Eileen Staley

Rachel Miller

Denise Pittman - Stylist

Denise Pittman

Mikaela Bana

Marcia Harper - Omaha Hairstylist at Garbo's Midtown Crossing

Marcia Harper

Dinet Peña

Emily Reinhardt

Bronze Level

Kara Kowalski - Omaha Hairstylist at Garbo's Midtown Crossing

Kara Kowalski

Erin Lewandowski - Stylist

Erin Lewandowski

Kathleen Traxinger - Stylist/Men's Cutting Specialist

Kathleen Traxinger

Ashley Renee Kotil

Sheryl Balfour

Emily Hilker

Hayli Winans- Stylist

Hayli Winans

Audrey Reinhardt - Omaha Hairstylist at Garbo's Midtown Crossing

Audrey Reinhardt

Torrie Vaught

Marie Mertz

Courtney Shipp - Stylist

Courtney Luetkenhaus

John Bernal

We are so proud of all these amazing individuals who went above and beyond this past year!  While we try to show our appreciation through the Top Performers event, words and actions can’t express how thankful we are to have such an amazing group of people who call Garbo’s home.

Remember, if you see your service provider listed make sure to tell them congratulations!  With over 100 stylists throughout of five locations, earning the award of Top Performer is not easy and they deserve to be recognized for their amazing accomplishment!

 Again, congratulations one more time to all our 2020 Top Performers!