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By: Maddie

What is it?

As you have probably seen in our social media posts throughout the past weeks, we have been spending a lot of time in “The Academy“.  We created this space a few years ago after realizing we needed a dedicated space to teach, learn and continue to improve our craft.  Setting up an educational class in our back room just wasn’t cutting it anymore (pun intended)!  So, after our next door neighbor left we took over the space and made it the educational center for all four salons.  Thus, The Academy was born. 

Instructor teaching a class in the academy

Tell me more…

The Garbo’s Academy takes up more than 2,000 square feet of space and is located directly next to our salon in the Oak View Mall.  The space is outfitted with movable tables and chairs which allow us to set up any type of configuration we need. 

Just like in any business, the moment we stop innovating and improving we cease to exist.  The best way to keep moving forward is to learn from the best and to be given the chance to push the boundaries of our creativity.  The Academy provides us that opportunity and we take full advantage of it!

Stylist learning in the Academy

Previous classes and instructors

Because we believe so strongly in education we have our very own education leaders who are responsible for setting up classes and bringing in top talent from all over the country to teach us their ways.  We use these classes to learn more about every portion of the salon industry – hair cutting, coloring, styling, hot and upcoming  trends and even how to grow our books of business.  We don’t limit the type of education that can be taught in the Academy – if we can grow from learning it then we will!

Over the years we have been very blessed to have learned and be inspired from some of the best in the industry.  These are just a few who have recently helped us grow!

Luis Alvarez – Co-founder of Aquage

Luca Boccia – Aveda Business College

Dominique Barnes – Textured Hair

Stevi Trevino – Aveda Color

Geno Chapman – Aveda Artist

Retail Sales Class

Illumina Color Class

Lyndsay Von Dietrich – Wella

Sonya Dove – Wella Global Artist

Nick Arrojo – Business Jam

Will Harries – Wella

David Conners – Barberology


Aveda Color Talk

Teresa Champion – Wella Blondes

Dayna Gamba – Barberology

Lindsey Balkovec – Aquage Stage Artist

Phytodess Class

Aveda Fashion Colors

Aveda Merging Color

CPR Certification

Microblading Certification

Tippi Shorter – Textured Hair

Stylist learning in the Academy




Do you love learning?

We love learning and we love giving our team members the opportunity to learn.  The Academy gives us a place to do both!  If you are currently in the industry keep your eye out for educational opportunities that we offer that are open to the public.  If you are still in school and care about continuing education – please keep Garbo’s in mind!

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