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By: Darcy Michalek

It’s that wonderful time of year again when I love to reflect on the blessings of the year. 

Many times I do my supply deliveries early on Sunday mornings when the salons are closed and the malls are quiet.  I was walking through them this past Sunday and as I looked around I could see the care that had been put into preparing for another busy day.  Stations clean, capes ready, foils torn…  It’s so much fun to stand in that quiet and then envision the energy that will fill these spaces.  Our amazing managers and reception staff are there early making coffee, preparing tickets and warming towels.  Our kind and talented stylists and estheticians show up shortly thereafter ready to create the magic that is transformation and relaxation at Garbo’s. 

My goal for our company is to provide a place of welcome respite from a busy hectic day.  A place where any member of the family feels comfortable and is able to enjoy a little luxury.  If I could share all of the wonderful and kind things our staff has done for each other and for their clients and if I could share with you all of the kind and amazing things our clients have done for our staff, I could write a book.  There are so many good people out there! 

Business is never easy, no matter what industry or profession.  We work to make a living but we also work to make a difference.  Over the past year we were blessed to be able to share our success with those throughout our community.  One of the causes most dear to our hearts is the Boys Town National Hotline.  We believe in what they are doing for the community and love giving back to help them do it.  

Every day we work to make each person we touch feel just a little better.  We try to educate and guide and make life a little easier and more fun.  From the outside it might just look like a salon and spa but what I am most thankful for is what’s on the inside.  Good, kind people taking good care of each other and their clients.  Happy Thanksgiving from my grateful heart to all of you. 

Sending love, 
Darcy Michalek

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