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Rachel Miller

This month we shine the light on Rachel Miller!  Rachel currently works at our Regency location and has been with Garbo’s for almost three years.  We interviewed Rachel to learn a bit more about why she loves being a hairdresser and what inspires her on a daily basis.  Read on to learn more about Rachel in her own words!

What is Your Favorite Service to Perform?

Hair cutting, the more precision the better. When I was a kid, hair cutting fascinated me. I remember going to the salon with my mom and sisters (I have 6!) and I would always want to go last so I could spend as much time as I could watching the stylist cut. I needed to know how they were doing it. I needed to know how they knew what pieces to pick up and how they knew to cut with such fluidity. The ease displayed was intoxicating and it hooked me. Hair cutting is really where my passion is and my clients notice it.

What do you love most about being a hairdresser?

To put it in simply, when someone leaves my chair in a better state of mind than when they arrived, I did my job. There's obviously so much more in between the lines there, but it really boils down to the relationships you build. The ability to boost someone's confidence is a God given privilege and I'm living my dream daily behind the chair.

Women's Long Bob and Blonde Color by Rachel Miller, Garbo's Salon and Spa, Regency

What Inspires Your Creativity?

Education is huge for me. I am beyond lucky to work for a salon that offers world class education in our academy. The educators and teams I've learned from and have worked with will always be a huge inspiration to me.

What Challenges You Most as a Hairdresser?

Myself. I am my own competitor. I'm always trying to master things and make them better, put a fresh twist and spin on things, make them personal. Hair doesn't always do what you expect, but hey, that's just life. I have to be able to roll with the punches because there's still a client there who wants to leave with confidence.

A Men's Cut by Rachel Miller, Garbo's Salon and Spa, Regency
Blonde and Pink Hair Color by Rachel Miller, Garbo's Salon and Spa, Regency
Boy's Braids by Rachel Miller, Garbo's Salon and Spa, Regency

Why is social media so important for hairdressers to utilize?

Social media is everywhere now! I've been in the industry 9 years and it's way more prevalent now than ever before. Boosting my work on my professional profiles is a great way to stay connected with those clients who choose to use those platforms. I've definitely gained quite a few clients through social media. It's really cool to be shown your own work by someone saying, "I want this!".

is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

My mom will tell you she always knew I would grow up to do this. Everything needed a haircut, and I mean everything. I cut the stuffed animal's hair, the barbies' hair, my sisters' hair, everything. When you're meant to do something, when it's your passion, working isn't working. Sure, some days are hard, but doing what I get to do is as much fun as it is hard work. I was lucky to know from a pretty young age that this is what I wanted to do. I get to go to work and have fun, work hard, collaborate with awesome coworkers, make people look good, feel good, do what I love to do! Not everyone gets to say that about their job. If you can't, maybe you should try doing hair!

Thank you so much to Rachel for allowing us to interview her this month.  If you want to see more of Rachel’s work she has a killer instagram account – one that you should follow immediately!  She posts photos of her work, her favorite products and more on a regular basis!  And, if you want to book an appointment with Rachel you can call our Regency location at 402.391.2333 or book her online! 

Thanks as always for reading – we’ll be back next week with a few new ideas for your next nail appointment! 

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