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By: Maddie Poteat

We all may be stuck inside and the doors to our salons locked up tight but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the hard work of someone who truly deserves it.  This month’s spotlight shines the light on one of our fabulous estheticians.  We’ve spent the last few weeks sharing all the amazing services our spa offers so it only makes sense to share more about the person who is in charge of them! 

Katherine Bower joined Garbo’s seven years ago and calls our Village Pointe location “home”.  In addition to her work as an esthetician she is also our Spa Lead and Village Pointe‘s wedding coordinator!   She may be busy but she handles all of her responsibilities with ease.  It’s no wonder she is this month’s spotlight! 

How long have you been an esthetician at Garbo’s Salon and what made you want to work there?

I’ve been working for Garbo’s going on 7 years. I had a friend who worked for the company recommend I apply and I’m so glad I did! I knew right away after my interview with Darcy that it was the best place to grow my career!

Facial in Omaha by Katherine Bower

Why did you choose to be an esthetician and why do you love it?

I chose to be an esthetician because I have always struggled with acne and skin problems. Going to aesthetic school gave me the opportunity to educate myself on how to take care of my own skin and my client’s skin!  I absolutely love what I do. I have the opportunity to make my clients feel good about themselves! And to me that is extremely rewarding.

What is your favorite service to provide to your clients?

My favorite service I provide to my clients is facials.  I get to help someone understand their skin and how to take care of it and they also leave feeling relaxed and pampered!  But I really do love all the services I provide my clients – from transforming brows to taking care of someone on their wedding day! 
Omaha Spa Lead Katherine Bower

We understand you are the spa lead for the salon - what additional responsibilities do you have?

As the spa leader of Garbo’s, my responsibilities are making sure that the spa is the best it can be! I make  sure all the spa team members are educated and up to date on what’s new. I’m also the wedding coordinator for the Village Pointe location. I love being able to help brides plan their special day!

What is the biggest challenge you encounter as an esthetician and how do you overcome it?

I strive for perfection and sometimes it’s not going to happen over night. I do my best everyday to make sure my clients leave happy! 
Omaha Facial by Katherine Bower

In your opinion, what does it take to become a successful esthetician?

Being successful in this industry means you have to work hard and never stop educating yourself! Some days are easier than others but it all pays off in the end and I couldn’t be happier with where my career is now and where it is heading in the future! 

As you know, this month is spa month - is there anything else you would like our readers to know about our spa or spa services we provide?

We offer so much in the spa at all the Garbo’s locations! Customized Image or Aveda facials, amazing massages to waxing and nails! We also have spa packages for the perfect day to relax and be pampered!
Thank you to Katherine for allowing us to interview her (over the phone) this month!  If you’re interesting in learning more about the salon services we offer, you can find them here.  If you’re interested in booking an appointment with Katherine Bower when we re-open our doors you can do that here! 
As always, thank you for reading!  Stay healthy! 

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