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We are headed back to our Village Pointe location for this month’s stylist spotlight!  Crystal Millerd has grown up behind the chair at Garbo’s Salon.  Her constant smile and positive energy can be felt the minute you walk in the door.  If you step back and watch her work you’ll see her providing top-notch service to her clients while simultaneously mentoring her teammates and helping them grow.  It is no wonder her books are always full!  

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Crystal this month and am excited to share a little bit more about our assistant manager with you below!

How long have you been a stylist at Garbo’s Salon and Spa, Regency and what made you want to work there?

When I was ready to start looking for full time positions, Garbo’s was my first choice!  I’ve been a stylist at Garbo’s since February of 1998 – almost 22 years!  When I first went to apply I really wanted to work at the Regency location but unfortunately they were full.  So I then went over to the Eagle Run location and interviewed with the manager there, Sherri Mahoney!  I knew as soon as I walked in the door and met with Sherri that’s where I was suppose to start my career! Thankfully at the end of the interview she offered me the job!!! 

My schedule has changed about five times over the past twenty two years – I had different hours each day and enjoyed Fridays and Mondays off.  Now my schedule is a bit more consistent, 9 am to 7pm Monday through Thursday.  I take Fridays off to take care of my niece and nephew, Charlie and Thor!

Omaha Hair Stylist Crystal Millerd

Why did you choose to be a hairstylist and why do you love it?

I chose to be a hairstylist because hair styling was something I have had a passion for since I was a child.  Growing up, I would give all my Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids and dolls haircuts and braids!  I love being a hairstylist because I get the chance to make my clients feel good about themselves!  And I get to be artistic – I love art and being creative! 

What is your favorite service to provide to your clients?

My favorite service I love providing to my clients would be…all of them! I really cannot choose!  I do love picking out lipstick shades for my clients though… Having a new lip color with a new haircut or hair color is just fun! 

In addition to a hair stylist, you are also the assistant manager at Village Pointe. What made you want to take on a leadership role at Garbo's and why do you love it?

Well, I’ve always loved helping, coaching, and mentoring my teammates so when I was presented with the opportunity to manage I couldn’t pass up the chance!  Having something new to learn and experience at work is always a goal for me!  I love being an Assistant Manager for my Owner Darcy, Manager Sherri, Asst. Manager Susie and the team at Garbo’s VP!

We understand your sister is also an Assistant Manager! Do you love getting to work with her on a daily basis?

Susie started working with me as part of our cleaning staff at Garbo’s in July of 1998. She was 15 and I was 20 years old!  Working and leading our team with my sister is one of the best opportunities ever!  Susie has always been my rock, both personally and professionally, and my biggest cheerleader (other than my Mom!). She’s smart, strong and focused! We are truly lucky to have her on our team! 
Assistant Manager Crystal Millerd and Assistant Manager Susie Knezovich
Crystal and Susie in 1998

What is the biggest challenge you encounter as a hairstylist and how do you overcome it?

My biggest challenge I encounter as a hairstylist would be education. I simply do not take enough classes.  In our industry, education is so important for inspiration!  While Garbo’s provides many continuing education classes, I just need to take the time and sign up for them! 

In your opinion, what does it take to become a successful hairstylist?

A clean work space, a smile on your face and willingness not to give up! Also, education is a must! 

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

I would like our readers to know that I wouldn’t be who I am today without all the love and support of my Garbo’s teams, Manager Sherri, my friends, fabulous clients and my family! I love you all SO very much!

We all love Crystal so much and we are blessed to have had her with us at Garbo’s for so long!  She inspires all of us to be better people and better stylists and we can’t thank her enough for that!

Interested in booking an appointment with Crystal Millerd?  Click here!

Thanks as always for reading!

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