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From spilling a fresh bottle of liquid foundation to getting a red lipstick on your white shirt, we’ve all had our own misfortunate experiences with makeup stains…  We run to our bathroom cabinets and do our best to remove them with whatever we can find – rubbing alcohol, kitchen vinegar, even hairspray!  But sometimes, those go-to methods of removing makeup stains aren’t enough.

Often times, there are pesky makeup stains that are harder to remove.  In such a case, it is suggested to take it to a dry cleaner.  Some dry cleaners even offer free pickup and delivery right to your door!  On the other hand, if you have the right products, you can remove makeup stains at home.  Below are a few quick solutions to help with your fight against spilled makeup!

#1 Makeup Wipes

You use them to clean makeup off your face, why not use them to clean up after a spill?!  Makeup wipes have great cleaning potential – they can remove stains out of cotton fabric, silk cloth, leather and even white shirts!  They are even safe to use on carpets, curtains and couches.  Makeup wipes are super quick and easy to use and this sneaky technique works like magic!

#2 Shaving Cream

Surprise!  Shaving cream can actually lift makeup stains!  Let me introduce you to this amazing trick.  Shaving cream is best-suited to remove liquid or cream stains such as foundation, concealer, or BB creams.  Any good shaving cream works wonders and will cut right through the oily component of a makeup product and gradually lift the pigment.  If the stain is a stubborn one, it is recommended to mix a small amount of shaving cream with a small amount of alcohol.  Apply the mixture to the stain and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.  Afterward, carefully rub the stain and wipe off the cleaning mixture.

#3 Ice

This is one of my favorites – no need to run to the store as the ice in your freezer might just do the trick! Grab an ice cube and apply it to the spilled makeup stain to remove it from your clothes.  Rub the ice cubes vigorously on the fabric.  In no time at all, the melted ice and cold water will remove the makeup stain.  Avoid hot water when trying to remove stains as it can potentially spread the stain instead of lifting it.  Save the hot water for your next relaxing bath!

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#4 Detergent Pen

Have you ever heard of a detergent pen?  These pens are specifically designed to treat minor stains that need a quick fix – just like spilled makeup!  Just like makeup wipes, the detergent pens also contain moisture for erasing stains. These magic pens are convenient and harmless on most fabrics – even those labeled “dry clean only”!

$5 Oil-Free Makeup Remover

If you don’t have makeup wipes laying around try reaching for an oil-free makeup remover instead.  The ‘oil-free’ ingredient is a must; otherwise you’ll most likely end up creating a bigger mess than you had before.  Thus, it is recommended to consider a high-end or branded makeup remover.

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