Benefits of Hiring a Professional Hairstylist


Your hair is the ultimate crown you wear, and the hair industry really depends on that. Whether you have synthetic hair or your natural hair, it’s important to have a good hairstylist in your corner to help you maintain it. Professional hairstylists are trained to provide you with exactly what you ask for, whether you want to change up your entire look or just maintain the style you already have. 

At Garbo’s Salon and Spa, we emphasize the importance of seeing a professional hairstylist to maintain the health and beauty of your hair. There’s a lot you can do to take care of it at home but there also comes many times where it’s best to leave it up to the professionals. The following are some benefits of choosing a professional hairstylist for yourself and what we can do for you! 

You get exactly what you ask for

Cutting hair is an art. There’s a lot of thought and strategy that goes into it, even when it’s just a trim. There are many other factors that have to be taken into consideration. A professional hairstylist will observe your face, cut closely, and style your hair according to what you ask for.  Our stylists will always ask you about the length you want to keep, and give you the best suggestions based on the health of your hair. You can always put your faith in us because we know what your hair needs, while still respecting the style you want to achieve.

Professionals will suggest the best hair products for you

Everyone’s hair is different, which means we all need different types of products. At Garbo’s, our hairstylists will help you choose the best products for your hair type. These days, most people follow an elaborate, several-step skin care routine…and we encourage you to do the same with your hair! It doesn’t have to be complicated, but our stylists will always tell you what products to buy and how or when to use them so you can achieve salon-like style at home! We have years of experience dealing with different types of hair, so we know exactly what will suit yours the best.

Professionals can spot when something’s not right

With increased stress (which has been a little higher than normal for most of us lately), scalp problems often occur. Professional hairstylists see many people each week, and will often know the kind of scalp problem you might be dealing with. If the condition is mild, they can advise you on which products may help it.  Sometimes, stylists even notice moles or changes in your scalp color that can indicate skin cancer.

Professionals offer a wide variety of services

One of the best things about going to a professional hair salon is that they typically offer a variety of services. Our stylists are constantly attending continuing education workshops to increase their skills and stay up to date on the latest trends. Many of our stylists also work to attain new certifications every year in different areas of cosmetology.  Being able to offer you a variety of services to choose from is what makes seeing a professional worth it! A greater variety gives you an opportunity to choose what’s best for you.

Ultimately, choosing to see a professional hairstylist proves to be beneficial in many ways. There are many things in life you can “DIY,” but when it comes to your hair, it’s best to leave it up to the experts! At Garbo’s we pride ourselves in hiring top tier stylists who are always willing to learn and grow with the changes in the beauty world.  The next time you reach for the at-home box of hair color, or pick up the scissors to give yourself a trim, remember what you read in this article and book an appointment at one of our five Omaha locations!

Madison Lander


Madison will be a junior at the University of Tennessee Knoxville this fall studying Public Relations and Business Administration. She is originally from Illinois, just about an hour south of Chicago. In her spare time she enjoys doing yoga, cooking, & spending time with family.