As I write this from my home office, Garbo’s has been closed for twenty long days.  Thankfully, I had the absolute pleasure of hosting a Facebook live event for our team on Friday just to reconnect and share some thoughts.  Nothing formal, but it was good for me because I’m really bad at the digital stuff.

I wore my favorite Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt thinking it would help me channel my inner coach… it was wonderful but very emotional for me – I think I only cried twice which is actually pretty good lately!  While I prepared for what I was going to say, I thought of our talented staff who is working hard to take care of themselves and their families while navigating unemployment, homeschooling, and all of the other challenges we’re all facing.  They inspire me more than I can ever tell you. 

So many of you, our wonderful clients, have reached out with positive encouragement and understanding.  You have stayed so patient with us as we wait to see when we will be allowed to reopen.  Thank you so much for that.  Until we are certain about the date we will reopen, we have decided to stop trying to reschedule appointments.  Once we know when we’ll be able to open back up we will bring our reception staff back to begin the rescheduling process which should take only a few days.

Please know that you waiting for your stylists, estheticians and nail techs while we are closed means the world to us.  This week we are launching our #ownyouroutgrowth campaign .  I myself will be sharing the gray hair and the un-manicured nails that will be waiting for my dear Garbo’s professionals.  We’ll have some fun with it and would love to encourage you to share your photos too.

If that’s not enough, to try and lighten this all up a bit, our team has challenged me to try a little styling of my own from home.  You’ll be able to watch my struggles on our social media channels and be able to try the challenge for yourself!  

What I think is important to share here is that I have absolutely no talent when it comes to this and I really don’t like doing it either!  My favorite thing is leaving all things beauty to our pros because all I do is struggle.  No one looks forward to their weekly blowout more than I do!  Our team can tell you when they get stuck with me they get some DIRTY hair to work with.  They are so kind when they say “I think we’ll shampoo one more time”… We all know what that means – I waited WAY too long between washes!

Our online store remains open and we are working hard to get you all your orders as soon as we can.  I’ll let you in on a little secret,  I am the pick, pack, and ship department for our online store and all orders are prepared in my dining room.  Your patience regarding my turnaround time is so appreciated!  We can’t say thank you enough for your support and kindness through all of this.  There are so many good people out there making this hard time so much easier for everyone. 

So, from my home to yours, I pray for your good health and God’s grace to see us quickly back to any kind of normal that has us taking good care of you in our salons and spas again.  Our team is so excited and so ready to get back to work so when we are allowed to reopen just know we can’t wait to see you!

God Bless,


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