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5 Ways to Manage and Treat Greasy Hair

We all struggle with the daily thought of when to wash our hair. Trying to maintain a balance between clean hair and greasy hair can be a total struggle! I mean who wants to walk around with shiny roots, right?! Greasy hair is the result of the sebaceous glands on your scalp producing oil. This oil can be absorbed by your hair which creates the shiny, greasy appearance that we all try to avoid. People with more coarse hair will normally be able to push off shampooing their hair longer than those with finer hair. No matter your hair type, we all find ourselves trying to fight off the grease at some point. We’ve compiled a list of some of our best tips to train your hair to be less oily. These tricks can help your hair follicles produce less oil which will prevent your hair from feeling so icky shortly after you wash it.

1. Shampoo 1-2 times a week. Sounds crazy right?!

It’s a fact that the more you wash your hair, the more greasy it will become. It sounds odd that washing your hair more could make it more greasy but shampoo can actually strip your hair of its natural oils, causing it to overproduce oil. It’s going to be hard at first but once you can resist the urge to constantly wash your hair, you’ll see results! We recommend shampooing every two to three days to train your hair to become less oily. Our Garbo’s Apple Cider and Pectin Shampoo is made for boosting volume while removing unwanted residue. We also love our Marula and Grapeseed shampoo that is made with organic oils that you will actually want in your hair.

2. Use a Clarifying Shampoo

Adding a clarifying shampoo into your shower routine can help give your hair a deep wash after you have let it do its thing for a few days! Clarifying shampoos are deep cleansers that aim to remove residue and buildup. They are very strong so remember a little bit goes a long way! You’ll only need to add this step in once or twice a week. Dry shampoo is also a great way to push off washing your hair and will make your roots feel less greasy! Try out our Garbo’s Clarifying Shampoo and Garbo’s Freshen Up Dry Shampoo! These products are a fabulous addition to your hair care collection!

3. Conditioning is Key

It may sound like conditioning could increase the greasiness of your hair but it actually helps slow down oil production. Conditioning your hair from the middle section to the ends of your hair will send a signal to your scalp that it has enough moisture. Remember- don’t put conditioner directly on your scalp! Our Marula And Grapeseed conditioner pairs great with the Marula And Grapeseed shampoo. We also love our Keratin Therapy Conditioner which is great for maintaining Keratin and other color treatments.

4. Warm to Cold

Hot water temperatures can dry out your hair and scalp, leaving your hair to produce more oil. When you start your shower with warm water it will open your hair cuticles before you start the shampooing process. Once you are finishing up your shower routine, change that water to a cooler temperature! This will close up your cuticles.

5. Hair Treatment

There are so many treatments that you can try out on your hair to show it the extra love it’s been needing! Whether that be an apple cider vinegar treatment or a mask, find a way to block out time in your schedule to ensure your hair gets the love it deserves. One of our popular hair treatments is our Garbo’s Indulge Mask. This mask uses noni berry and avocado to ensure a deep moisturizing treatment for your hair.

5 Spring Hair Trends You Need to Try This Season

The change of seasons is upon us, and we are so excited. Warmer weather, longer days, and summer on deck…count us in! With that being said, we wanted to highlight some spring hair trends that you may want to try out this season. Next time you’re at Garbo’s Salon and Spa, ask your stylist if he or she can help you achieve any of these fun and fresh looks! 

1. Curtain bangs

These effortlessly beautiful and wispy bangs are perfect for those who want to play with a new look without going all in. Curtain bangs are a fun option for spring because they can frame your face while your hair is pulled up, giving your ponytail a new dressed up look!

Credit: Vogue

2. Middle Parts

Playing with your part might be the simplest way to switch up your hair this season without having to make any drastic changes too soon. Parting your hair down the middle has become pretty popular these days – thanks to the Gen Z’rs! –  and it’s a great way to quickly update and refresh your current style!

3. Embracing Your Natural Hair Type

Whether it’s straight, curly, or a wavy in-between, lately, it’s become more normal to embrace the natural texture of your hair. Now, we know it’s easier said than done, so we recommend using the right products to enhance your natural locks. Our Anti Frizz Curl Defining Cream and Dry Texturizing Spray can do the trick! 

Credit: @OUIDAD

4. Bluntly Cut Ends

Another super sleek look that’s making its way into the spotlight this spring is bluntly cut ends. The great thing is that this look is easily achievable whether you want to take off several inches or just trim things up. Ask your stylist to give you some sharp edges at your next appointment!

Caption: Pinterest

5. Beach Waves

A classic that seems to come back around every year… We’ll never get tired of beach waves! There are so many ways to easily get this look, and most of them don’t even require heat. Our Making Waves Beach Spray gives you that perfect salty-air beach wave in minutes! Just spray it onto clean, damp hair, scrunch or tousle, and allow it to air dry!

We hope you consider giving one (or all) of these spring hair trends a try this season! As always, ask your stylist if you need product recommendations or help achieving a certain look. At Garbo’s, our goal is to always have you looking and feeling your best!

5 Easy Holiday Hairstyles You Can DIY This Season

Whether they’re happening over zoom or in-person with social distancing, holiday parties are still going down in 2020. We know that things have been complicated, and getting out of the house to have your hair done for an event may not be feasible this year, so we wanted to share some easy holiday hairstyles you can do at home! That way, you can still look stylish at your gatherings no matter what your plans are!

1. Half Up Pony

This simple holiday hairstyle is an easy go-to for your parties and family gatherings! Just section your hair into two parts—top and bottom—and tie the top half up into a pony. Choose to either make it slick and clean or pull it loose for a messier look! We recommend adding this texturizing spray for added volume! 

Photo from: Pinterest

Photo from Wedding Forward

2. Classic Low Bun

If you’re attending more of a formal event, try opting for a classic low bun. You can always make it slick and clean, or go for a more casual look by pulling out a few pieces to loosen things up! All you need is a hair tie and a few bobby pins and you’re all set. 

2. Classic Low Bun

If you’re attending more of a formal event, try opting for a classic low bun. You can always make it slick and clean, or go for a more casual look by pulling out a few pieces to loosen things up! All you need is a hair tie and a few bobby pins and you’re all set. 

Photo from Wedding Forward

3. Half Updo With a Twist

Amplify your everyday curly look with a little bit of a twist! Start by using a heat protecting spray and put a few curls in your hair. Then, part it and grab two small sections on each side of your face. Twist the sections on each side, pull them back, and tie it with a small elastic! 

Photo from Hadviser

Photo from Etsy

4. Half Up Bun

Another super easy style for this season is a half up messy bun! Try using this wave enhancing spray to make this look even more effortless. You can easily elevate this look by adding a fun hair accessory too like the one in the photo below! 

4. Half Up Bun

Another super easy style for this season is a half up messy bun! You can easily elevate this look by adding a fun hair accessory too like the one in the photo below! 

Photo from Etsy

5. French Braid

We can’t forget about the classic French braid! A singular braid in the back will always be an easy go-to style that makes you look put together and confident! Try adding some glittery accessories to turn this style into a holiday party staple. 

Photo from Byrdie

This year has been crazy, but if one thing’s for sure, we want you showing up to your holiday gatherings looking and feeling beautiful! Although the holiday hairstyles in this post are easy for you to DIY at home, if you feel comfortable coming into the salon, we are open and would love to see you for all your beauty needs this season! Click here to book any service online!


Happy holidays from the entire Garbo’s team!

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Caring For Gray Hair

Finding gray hair amongst your locks is a rite of passage when it comes to aging…no matter how you feel about the problem! The thing to keep in mind is that gray hair can be just as healthy and beautiful as colored hair, and here at Garbo’ Salon and Spa, we would love to help you own your natural beauty as you age. 

If you are experiencing gray hair, you may be thinking about ways you can hide it or try to embrace it…the good thing is that we can help you do both! There are a few simple ways we like to do this in our salons: add in some highlights to blend your current hair, color your hair to completely cover grays, or transition your hair to a fully gray color overall. It just comes down to personal preference! 

Today, we’re going to talk about the gray hair phenomenon and try to change the stigma around this natural occurrence we all experience in our lives. We’ll be giving you some useful tips and insight on transitioning to and caring for gray hair.

3 Reasons to Embrace YOUR Gray Hair

There are many reasons why embracing your grays may be the right choice for you: 

  • It’s easier! You can trade color touch-ups every four to six weeks for deep conditioning treatments and trims instead. This way we can still use our professional skills and products to keep your hair healthy without you having to come in for a color treatment so frequently. 
  • It’s beautiful!  Your grays are gorgeous – just like you.  With proper care you can learn to fall in love with them. 
  • It’s a change!  Going completely gray–with the right tone and care–can result in a beautiful new look that suits you well!

CARING FOR YOUR GRAY HAIR - 5 tips to Brighten and Soften Gray Hair

Gray hair will be much drier compared to its pigmented counterparts. Here is some essential advice you should follow if you want to keep your gray hair looking and feeling its best: 

Brush Your Hair Nightly 

This will distribute natural oils from the scalp and nourish your hair. Your hair will become softer and smoother with time if you keep up this habit! It can be even more effective if you brush daily with a boar hair bristle brush. 

Use Proper Shampoo

Gray hair can sometimes appear dull due to its fair coloring. Using a purple-tinted shampoo, like Garbo’s Blueberry and Beet Root Shampoo, can brighten it up and make it appear more vibrant. Purple shampoo will also help to maintain the cool tone of your grays and keep them from getting brassy. 

Use Styling Products 

Using serums as well as products with conditioner and silicone will help smooth your gray hair. Deep conditioners like Garbo’s Indulge Mask are ideal for taming stubborn, sometimes wiry gray hair. 

Get Regular Hair Treatments 

Conditioning treatments can help maintain the integrity of your hair as you age. This will smooth out rough, wiry hair while helping to maintain your new natural color.  Next time you’re scheduling your appointment, add on Aveda’s Botanical Repair.  This conditioning treatment will help strengthen, repair, and protect your hair. 

Tips to Grow out Gray Natural Hair 

If you are making the switch from regularly coloring your hair to going gray, there may be a 6-12 month period of uneven color as the natural hair grows in. To allow the new growth to blend quickly, you can consider coloring your hair to match your grays, cutting your hair shorter or getting a few highlights to help with the transition. 

Always feel free to talk to our stylists about what they think will work best.  They’ll make sure your grays blend in seamlessly until you’re able to fully grow them out.

Lots of people choose to let their gray hair go because of its unique tone and lower maintenance care. After reading this article, hopefully you know how to take better care of your gray hair so it can leave you feeling just as beautiful as before. Gray hair doesn’t have to be a bad thing, let’s find you the right products and treatment so you can embrace the beauty of yours today!

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Why You Should Hire a Professional Hairstylist

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Hairstylist


Your hair is the ultimate crown you wear, and the hair industry really depends on that. Whether you have synthetic hair or your natural hair, it’s important to have a good hairstylist in your corner to help you maintain it. Professional hairstylists are trained to provide you with exactly what you ask for, whether you want to change up your entire look or just maintain the style you already have. 

At Garbo’s Salon and Spa, we emphasize the importance of seeing a professional hairstylist to maintain the health and beauty of your hair. There’s a lot you can do to take care of it at home but there also comes many times where it’s best to leave it up to the professionals. The following are some benefits of choosing a professional hairstylist for yourself and what we can do for you! 

You get exactly what you ask for

Cutting hair is an art. There’s a lot of thought and strategy that goes into it, even when it’s just a trim. There are many other factors that have to be taken into consideration. A professional hairstylist will observe your face, cut closely, and style your hair according to what you ask for.  Our stylists will always ask you about the length you want to keep, and give you the best suggestions based on the health of your hair. You can always put your faith in us because we know what your hair needs, while still respecting the style you want to achieve.

Professionals will suggest the best hair products for you

Everyone’s hair is different, which means we all need different types of products. At Garbo’s, our hairstylists will help you choose the best products for your hair type. These days, most people follow an elaborate, several-step skin care routine…and we encourage you to do the same with your hair! It doesn’t have to be complicated, but our stylists will always tell you what products to buy and how or when to use them so you can achieve salon-like style at home! We have years of experience dealing with different types of hair, so we know exactly what will suit yours the best.

Professionals can spot when something’s not right

With increased stress (which has been a little higher than normal for most of us lately), scalp problems often occur. Professional hairstylists see many people each week, and will often know the kind of scalp problem you might be dealing with. If the condition is mild, they can advise you on which products may help it.  Sometimes, stylists even notice moles or changes in your scalp color that can indicate skin cancer.

Professionals offer a wide variety of services

One of the best things about going to a professional hair salon is that they typically offer a variety of services. Our stylists are constantly attending continuing education workshops to increase their skills and stay up to date on the latest trends. Many of our stylists also work to attain new certifications every year in different areas of cosmetology.  Being able to offer you a variety of services to choose from is what makes seeing a professional worth it! A greater variety gives you an opportunity to choose what’s best for you.

Ultimately, choosing to see a professional hairstylist proves to be beneficial in many ways. There are many things in life you can “DIY,” but when it comes to your hair, it’s best to leave it up to the experts! At Garbo’s we pride ourselves in hiring top tier stylists who are always willing to learn and grow with the changes in the beauty world.  The next time you reach for the at-home box of hair color, or pick up the scissors to give yourself a trim, remember what you read in this article and book an appointment at one of our five Omaha locations!

Madison Lander


Madison will be a junior at the University of Tennessee Knoxville this fall studying Public Relations and Business Administration. She is originally from Illinois, just about an hour south of Chicago. In her spare time she enjoys doing yoga, cooking, & spending time with family.

How to Treat Mascne

How to Treat Mascne - Stylists Wearing Masks

Mascne...How To Combat Our Newest Enemy

It’s safe to say that this pandemic has brought us all many ups and downs. Like any other situation in life, there have been positives and negatives, but as time goes on it feels like new issues surface every day.  It’s time we talk about one of those issues… MASCNE.

What is “mascne”?  Acne that is caused by the longtime wear of a mask.  It’s caused by a combination of dirt, friction, bacteria, and moisture retention that are a result of wearing masks for long periods of time.  Why does protecting yourself and others have to come with such nasty consequences?!

As if these times haven’t been challenging enough, the last thing we want is to be battling breakouts and blemishes. In the case of mascne, you can run, but you certainly cannot hide…. Wearing a mask is mandatory in most public areas now and it’s our social responsibility to help slow the spread.  Luckily, we’ve done some research and compiled tips and tricks on how to treat mascne so you can keep your skin clear AND keep everyone safe!  Follow our suggestions below to tackle the uncharted territory of MASCNE.

1. Wash and change out your mask frequently

If you’re wearing a disposable 3-ply mask, you should technically be switching it out after every use.  If you opt for a cotton or cloth mask, then you should wash it after every use if possible.  This will not only keep you safe but also keep you from exposing your skin to the bacteria that harbors in the fabric of your mask.

2. Strengthen Your Skin Barrier

Hydrating, using antioxidant rich products like Image Skincare’s Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum, Vital C ACE Antioxidant Serum, or Vital C Repair Cream and applying a daily sunscreen like Image Prevention+ SPF 32 Matte or Prevention+ SPF 50 are just a few ways to strengthen your skin.  This will prepare it to block bacteria that’s being stored in your mask.  Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so treat it with some respect!

3. Steer Clear of Sugar

As most of you may know, excess sugar in your diet is no friend to your skin!  Sugar is very inflammatory and can cause acne flare ups when regularly consumed in large amounts.  Therefore, when trying to prevent or get rid of mascne, consuming lots of sugar will not do you any favors.  Sugar also weakens the skin barrier which makes you more susceptible to breakouts, especially when wearing a mask for hours every day.  Try eating more nutrient dense foods and healthy fats to keep that skin of yours strong!

How to Get Rid of Mascne

4. Use Products That Contain Salicylic Acid

Knowing how to treat mascne means understanding which products to use to help keep your pores clean.  Salicylic acid is a chemical exfoliator and is also known for keeping pores clear. Using products that contain salicylic acid like Image Skincare’s Clear Cell Acne Masque or Salicylic Cleanser  have been shown to clear breakouts and keep them away. This could be especially helpful when dealing with tough mascne. You need something strong to get rid of the bumps and blemishes, and salicylic acid may do the trick. 

5. Try to Wear Less Makeup

Like mentioned before, cloth masks trap heat, dirt, oils, and other gross particles around our face. Your skin is already having trouble breathing when wearing the mask, so imagine what it’s like to have a thick layer of full coverage makeup on too!  Try letting your skin breathe a bit and lay low with the makeup on days you’ll be wearing a mask for a long time.  And, if you do have to wear makeup, be sure to wash your face thoroughly at the end of the day so your skin can rejuvenate overnight!

6. Keep Facial Cleansing Wipes Close

If you feel like you’ve tried everything but mascne is still winning the fight, this may be your solution. Taking the time to quickly cleanse your face after each wear of your mask could solve your mascne problem.  Keep facial wipes (like Image Skincare’s IBEAUTY wipes) in your purse or car, so they’re easily accessible! Then, get in the habit of using them every time you take your mask off.  This will allow you to quickly freshen up your skin and rid it of any oils, dirt, or other harmful particles that can cause a mascne flare up!

Unfortunately, it may be a while before we can take off our masks for good… Until then, we have to learn how to treat mascne so we can focus on what matters most – keeping ourselves, our loved ones, and our community safe! 

Madison Lander


Madison will be a junior at the University of Tennessee Knoxville this fall studying Public Relations and Business Administration. She is originally from Illinois, just about an hour south of Chicago. In her spare time she enjoys doing yoga, cooking, & spending time with family.