The change of seasons is upon us, and we are so excited. Warmer weather, longer days, and summer on deck…count us in! With that being said, we wanted to highlight some spring hair trends that you may want to try out this season. Next time you’re at Garbo’s Salon and Spa, ask your stylist if he or she can help you achieve any of these fun and fresh looks! 

1. Curtain bangs

These effortlessly beautiful and wispy bangs are perfect for those who want to play with a new look without going all in. Curtain bangs are a fun option for spring because they can frame your face while your hair is pulled up, giving your ponytail a new dressed up look!

Credit: Vogue

2. Middle Parts

Playing with your part might be the simplest way to switch up your hair this season without having to make any drastic changes too soon. Parting your hair down the middle has become pretty popular these days – thanks to the Gen Z’rs! –  and it’s a great way to quickly update and refresh your current style!

3. Embracing Your Natural Hair Type

Whether it’s straight, curly, or a wavy in-between, lately, it’s become more normal to embrace the natural texture of your hair. Now, we know it’s easier said than done, so we recommend using the right products to enhance your natural locks. Our Anti Frizz Curl Defining Cream and Dry Texturizing Spray can do the trick! 

Credit: @OUIDAD

4. Bluntly Cut Ends

Another super sleek look that’s making its way into the spotlight this spring is bluntly cut ends. The great thing is that this look is easily achievable whether you want to take off several inches or just trim things up. Ask your stylist to give you some sharp edges at your next appointment!

Caption: Pinterest

5. Beach Waves

A classic that seems to come back around every year… We’ll never get tired of beach waves! There are so many ways to easily get this look, and most of them don’t even require heat. Our Making Waves Beach Spray gives you that perfect salty-air beach wave in minutes! Just spray it onto clean, damp hair, scrunch or tousle, and allow it to air dry!

We hope you consider giving one (or all) of these spring hair trends a try this season! As always, ask your stylist if you need product recommendations or help achieving a certain look. At Garbo’s, our goal is to always have you looking and feeling your best!

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