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By: Maddie Poteat

I can’t tell you how relieved I am to see bright colors, dresses and beautiful wavy hair again… Happy Spring, everyone! 
If you have been following along on social media, you know we LOVE partnering with local businesses.  Last month we partnered with two local gyms to bring you easy hair and makeup looks you can wear from work to the gym and back (read that post here if you missed it!).  This month we decided to focus on a topic I’m sure most of you will be excited about – Spring Hair and Fashion Trends!
When we were thinking about who we wanted to partner with this month we knew it had to be someone who has a pulse on the upcoming fashion trends we will be seeing this Spring.  Bliss Boutique quickly came to mind and after reaching out to Valerie, owner/manager, we knew we had a solid collaboration in the works.
I first stepped foot in Bliss Boutique years ago when I was looking for a dress for my high school prom…  Needless to say, I have been a fan of Bliss Boutique for many years!  Since moving to Rockbrook Village, Bliss Boutique has cemented themselves as a go-to store for both on-trend looks and the classic styles we all love.  Read below to see the outfits chosen for the shoot and how we paired them with the makeup and hair trends our stylists are seeing this season!
2019 Spring Hair Trends

2019 Spring Makeup Trends

This season we are seeing a mix of bold looks and more toned-down natural looks.  Glitter seems to be everywhere this Spring but our makeup artists chose to stick to the subtle, natural, no-makeup look for our models.  Paired with a lightly stained pink lip (in different shades), the model’s makeup helped bring a refreshed and energized look to the shoot.

Go-To Makeup Looks:

  • Lightly stained pink lip
  • Subtle smoky eye
  • No-makeup look – Natural, soft makeup in a muted color palette
  • Glitter eye shadow (not shown here)
2019 Makeup Trends - Natural Makeup
Makeup by Ashley Beutler
2019 Makeup Trends - Lipstick
Makeup by Ashley Beutler
2019 Makeup Trends - Natural Look
Makeup by Ashley Beutler

2019 Spring Hair Trends

For the hair, our stylists honed in on easy at-home styles perfect for any occasion this season.  While some of the current Spring trends are more dramatic than the styles we went for this shoot, these hair styles will still turn heads!  One of our stylists, Mikaela Kellog, added a side, french braid to her model.  This look would be perfect for anything outside as it will keep those pesky fly-aways at bay while still giving you a pretty, feminine and polished look.

The other two styles are similar as they both include loose beach waves.  Our stylists achieved these looks by using the Garbo’s Stay Spritz and Shine for both hold and protection.  (Need extra help with those beach waves?  Check out our how-to video we made here!).  While Mikaela kept her model’s hair completely down, Jessica styled her model’s hair by sectioning off the top part and securing it in a messy-ish bun.  I personally love this look as it keeps my hair out of my face while still allowing me to wear part of it down.

Other Spring Hair Trends We Are Seeing:

2019 Hair Trends - Braids
Hair by Mikaela Kellog
2019 Hair Trends - Loose Waves
Hair by Mikaela Kellog
2019 Hair Trends - Beach Waves
Hair by Jessica Wollam

2019 Spring Fashion Trends

Now for the fashion!  When partnering with Bliss Boutique we wanted to emphasize not only the upcoming trends but the wearability of these trends.  If you have ever skimmed through a fashion magazine you know that some styles can be really hard to pull off.  I’ve seen bright, bold colors on models that I would never be able to wear… Or certain types of clothing that my lifestyle just doesn’t call for (example: ball gowns and stilettos).  The styles that Bliss Boutique offers are both trendy and wearable – the perfect combo! 

2019 Spring Fashion Trends - Florals
Floral print tank top paired with Cardigan
2019 Spring Fashion Trends - Off the Shoulder Shirts
Off the shoulder top in dusty blush with feminine lace detail
In addition to the wearability of these pieces, Valerie at Bliss Boutique wanted to emphasize Femininity.  You will see both florals and lace in any form this Spring so she really wanted the outfits to showcase those trends.  She also loves the mix of blues, beiges and dusty rose colors this Spring.  They truly highlight the Femininity feel we were aiming for. 
As with every Spring wardrobe, dresses once again are an important piece to fill the closet.  Valerie wanted to showcase a fun and flirty Spring dress during the shoot.  In addition, tank tops are a must for the warm weather days ahead so she chose a tank top with a prominent floral print and loose, feminine flow.  By adding the loose cardigan you can take this look from those hot days to those chilly Spring nights. 
Lastly, the off-the-shoulder trend is still in style and we are still loving it!  Valerie chose an off-the-shoulder top that incorporated a pretty, feminine lace in the dusty blush color we love.  
2019 Spring Fashions - Light Blues
Loose, feminine dress is light blue - Bliss Boutique

We hope our re-cap of this month’s collaboration with Bliss Boutique filled you with inspiration for all things beauty this Spring!  There is always so much to remember when it comes to new season trends but don’t worry – if you need help on the hair/makeup side, Garbo’s has you covered.  If you need help on the fashion side, Bliss Boutique can help! 

A big thank you to those made this month’s collaboration possible:   

Hairstylists: Mikaela Kellog, Jessica Wollam

Makeup Artist: Ashley Beutler

Models: Kelli Welch, Kristine Kruse, Talia Fickel

Fashion and Clothes: Bliss Boutique

Thank you so much for reading!  Stay tuned for our next post where we highlight a very deserving stylist from one of our locations!

Sending love,


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By: Maddie Poteat

Kasey Holoubek

This month we shine the stylist spotlight on Omaha Stylist Kasey Holoubek!  Kasey has been working at Garbo’s Midtown Crossing for the past two and a half years – the first two years were as a receptionist and that last six months have been as a stylist! 

Being a younger stylist, Kasey has shaped and grown her business using social media.  I had a chance to learn what role social media plays in Kasey’s day-to-day as a stylist, why she thinks it is so important and a few tips and tricks she has picked up along the way.  In addition, she shared her favorite aspects of the job and why she absolutely loves coming to work each day.  Read on to learn more about Kasey in her own words! 

How long have you been a stylist at Garbo’s Salon and Spa and what made you want to work here?

I have been a stylist at Garbo’s at Midtown Crossing for just over 6 months now. However, I was a receptionist at Garbo's for two years previous to becoming a stylist! I started working at Garbo’s when I was a senior in high school because I wanted to know what the salon life was like before I went into hair school. I chose Garbo’s because it has such a great reputation and a family feel to the salon. I looked at other salons in Omaha when I was getting closer to graduating but there was nowhere I felt more at home and comfortable in starting my career.

What is your favorite service to provide to your clients?

My favorite services to provide to my clients are definitely lash extensions and color, especially my blonde babes. I have been doing lash extensions for a year and a half now! I wanted to expand my horizons from just hair and have grown to love every second of lashing! Color has a special place in my heart since I can personalize it to every client's desire. Since going from dark to light is a process, my favorite part is finally getting one of my clients to the perfect blonde they have been waiting for!

Omaha Hair Stylist Kasey H Natural Lash Extensions
Omaha Hair Stylist Kasey H Fluffy Lash Extensions
Omaha Hair Stylist Kasey H Lash Extensions

Why do you love being a hairstylist?

I love being a stylist because I get to build friendships with my clients. I want all of my clients to feel like we are besties by the end of the service! I love going to work every day and making people feel beautiful. What better job is there???

Omaha Hair Stylist Kasey H Summer Blonde Hair Color
Omaha Hair Stylist Kasey H Straight Blonde Hair
Omaha Hair Stylist Kasey H Beach Waves

How does social media influence your business?

Social media has influenced my business tremendously!!! I am from the generation of social media and phones being everywhere so I grew into this career knowing social media would be a big part of it. I love how my clients can get to know me through a phone/computer and feel more comfortable in my chair! Social media helps with referrals, new clients looking at your work, and helping with the relationship factor.

Do you have any tips/tricks that you would like to share with other stylists who are just starting to build out their profiles?

My best tip/trick to other stylists building their profiles on social media is to stay active! The best feedback I have gotten from my clients/followers is they love how I post almost everyday! They love seeing my personality and my work everyday on my instagram stories or just normal posts! P.S. people will forget about you if you don’t post as much and nobody wants to be forgotten!

What type of posts have you found work the best for finding and booking new clients on social media?

My best performing posts are pictures of clients having fun! I have a lot of younger clients who love to take selfies/processing pictures and my clients LOVE to see that! Also I love doing giveaways or asking questions in my posts so my clients can have conversations with me and have a chance to win something at the end of the day!

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Garbo’s was the best salon I could’ve started my career at and I know they will always have my back. I am so happy I get to be part of the Garbo’s family and so happy I get to share my journey with all of you!

As Kasey mentioned, she loves to use social media to build her business.  I highly recommend following her on Instagram (@kaseydesigns) as she posts the cutest photos on a daily basis!  I also recommend checking out her website where she shares information on the services she offers and even more looks she has created in the past!

You can find Kasey at our Midtown Crossing location.  She is available for both walk-in appointments but because she is such a talented stylist, her books are filling up fast!  To make sure you can get in with her we suggest booking your next appointment online or calling the salon at 402.933.9737.

Thank you so much to Kasey for allowing us to interview her this month, for her hard work and dedication, and for the kind words she said about Garbo’s!  If you are looking for a new salon and think Garbo’s would be a good fit make sure to check out our Careers page.  We have some of the best benefits in town!

Thanks as always for reading!

Sending love,


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By: Maddie Poteat

It’s that time of year again…  The sun is finally shining, the flowers are beginning to bloom and you are drowning in wedding invites!  Whether you’re a guy or a girl, married or single, you understand the craziness that comes when Springtime hits…  Having been an invitee at many a wedding myself – and recently tying the knot – I see the struggle to stay afloat from both sides of the fence.  With the help of Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique, I put together a few tips in an effort to help you survive this year’s wedding season!

How to Survive Wedding Season




As amazing as it is to be invited to so many people’s weddings it can also put a pretty heavy financial burden on your shoulders.  From the outfits (see Tip #2!), the travel expenses and the gifts, being a guest at a wedding can be expensive.

If you know you have a hefty amount of celebrating to do this wedding season make sure to plan ahead.  Book your flights and your hotels in advance to ensure you get the best deal.  There are plenty of apps out there that will alert you of the best airfare deal once you plug in your dates and destination so make sure to use them!

When it comes to accommodations and you have a big group of friends attending the wedding ask about sharing a hotel room or renting an Airbnb together.  Reducing the cost of the biggest expenses can help you feel better when it comes time to buy gifts.

Speaking of gifts, don’t be ashamed if you can’t afford the most expensive gift on the registry.  Buy what you can and forget the drama.  The Bride and Groom will appreciate you gave a gift – no matter how small.

More Wedding Hairstyles by Omaha Hairstylist Kayla Benner
Updo Wedding Hairstyle by Omaha Hairstylist Kayla Benner
More Wedding Hairstyles by Omaha Hairstylist Kayla Benner
Re-wear your outfits

Having attended more than five weddings last year, in the span of only a few months I might add, I found myself stressing to find and buy the perfect outfit the week before each wedding.  Purchasing a new dress or new shoes for each event left me with a large hole in my bank account…

With that being said, don’t be afraid to wear what you already have.  You meet so many new people at weddings that most won’t even know the outfit you’re wearing isn’t brand new.  And for those who do know you, I guarantee they won’t remember!  Between the cost of traveling to and from the wedding (especially if it is out of town), the drinks at the reception (if it is not open bar) and all the gifts you have to buy, foregoing a new outfit is an easy way to cut costs.



In the last few years, Bridesmaid and Groomsmen gifts have become more and more popular.  Brides and Grooms understand the commitment their closest friends are making when they accept an invitation to be in the wedding party so they are wanting to say “thank you” with more than just a card.

There are many routes to go when choosing gifts for your wedding party but keeping it simple will help make this task enjoyable!  Depending on your group of friends, you may want to choose a gift that is more practical in nature – personalized hats or water bottles – something you know they’ll use for a long time.  Or, you may want to go with something a bit fancier – like this silver engraved pearl necklace from Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique!

Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique makes it super easy to find the perfect gift for anyone in your wedding party.  Most of their gifts can be personalized and they come in at the perfect price point!  The best news is they also have gifts for men!  We spotted this personalized tie clip from Groovy Groomsmen’s Gifts and thought it would make the perfect gift for the guys on your big day.  If you are in need of easy but meaningful gifts for your wedding party I urge you to check out these sites

Bridesmaids Gifts - Pearl Necklace
Groomsmen Gifts - Tie Clip
booking your bridal services

As a salon who offers bridal packages, we know a thing or two about how to make your appointments go smoothly.  I talked to one of our reception coordinators, Carol, who has been scheduling bridal services for more than a year and a half, and she had a few recommendations.  

First off, you should have a clear idea of what services you would like to book before calling to make your appointments.  This will result in less back and forth between you and the salon which should help ease your stress levels!  Knowing ahead of time what type of hair and makeup each person in your bridal party wants also helps reduce confusion and booking errors.

Carol also strongly suggests making any changes to your bridal party appointments (coming in later or earlier, adding or removing a service, etc) as soon as you can.   The salon you are working with will want to make sure they can accommodate you, your family and your girlfriends on your big day but because most salons are helping other clients at the same time last minute changes are more challenging.

The last and most important tip is to arrive on time.  Wedding days can be stressful.  As the bride, you are balancing enjoying your big day and keeping everything running smoothly.  As with all other appointments a salon books, they also set aside a specific amount of time for you and your bridal party’s hair and makeup.  Arriving late can put added stress on both the stylists, makeup artists and you!  With that being said, most salons will completely understand that the day is hectic and crazy so if you do happen to be running late just have your maid of honor (or someone else) call and give them a heads up!  At Garbo’s, we do our absolute best to make sure you receive the treatment deserving of a bride-to-be!

As fun and exciting as weddings are, unfortunately, they can bring un-needed stress into our lives.  Hopefully, these few tips will help you survive wedding season like a pro!  Let us know how you take on wedding season in the comments below!  

Sending love,