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By: Maddie Poteat

Staying active, being healthy and working hard are all things we believe are beautiful!  We dedicated last month to fitness as we know March can be the breaking point for many people… It’s still cold out, the days are not much longer than they used to be and we are all itching for warmer weather.  Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to get us back on track so that is exactly what we aimed to provide!

By partnering with two local businesses in Omaha and Elkhorn, we were able to showcase different types of workouts and the amazing ladies who do them.  Sweating, working hard and staying active isn’t always pretty but what makes us strong and powerful also makes us beautiful!  Read below for a quick recap of the businesses we partnered with, the looks we showcased and the products we recommend when you are busy staying active! 

Barre Code and Garbo's Collab - Fitness Hairstyles on Workout Models

Barre Code 

Our first partnership of the month was with Barre Code and Athleta at Village Pointe in West Omaha.  If you have never done a Barre class before you have never felt your legs and arms burn like this…  The workouts consist of cardio and strength training but the overall emphasis is on positivity and female empowerment.  

When styling this shoot, we went with styles that could be easily transitioned from work to workout.  Many of the classes Barre Code offers are over the lunchtime hour so busy professionals are popping in during their lunch break.  With no time to fix their hair and makeup after the workout, we made sure our looks could easily transition from one activity to the next.

Barre Code and Garbo's Collab - Fitness Hairstyles - Half Braids
Hair by Rachel Miller, Garbo's Salon and Spa - Regency
Barre Code and Garbo's Collab - Fitness Hairstyles - Messy Braid
Hair by Amber Klebba, Garbo's Salon and Spa - Village Pointe

The hairstyles we went for our Barre Code athletes can easily be replicated at home.   The idea behind these looks was to keep the hair out of the face but provide a style that was easy enough to do at home and cute enough to wear to work (or anywhere else you are heading to that day!).

The double dutch braid in the first picture can be accomplished by crossing each of the three strands UNDER one another.  Just think about how you normal braid your hair and pull the strands the opposite way.  By doing this you are taking a normal braid style and mixing it up just a tad.  And by wrapping a small strand of hair around your elastic you take the look to another level! 

Barre Code and Garbo's Collab - Fitness Hairstyles - Four Braided Buns Close Up
Hair by Rachel Miller, Garbo's Salon and Spa - Regency
Elkhorn CrossFit and Garbo's Collab - Fitness Makeup - Light Blush
Hair by Leslie Johnson, Garbo's Salon and Spa - Village Pointe

The hairstyle you see in the first picture above may seem complicated but it is actually four individual ponies braided and then fashioned into buns.  Not only is this look extremely easy but it will also keep all those fly-away hairs in place as you transition from one barre move to the next.

As for products used to maintain these styles, Garbo’s Freshen Up Dry Shampoo is the answer.  Throw the small can in your gym back and give your hair and scalp a quick spritz after class.  The dry shampoo will absorb the oils while re-securing your hair back in place.  The best part is this dry shampoo smells amazing so you don’t have to worry about any bad smells lingering once you get back to the office! 

Barre Code and Garbo's Collab - Fitness Makeup - Thin Eyeliner
Makeup by Melissa Taulborg, Garbo's Salon and Spa - Oak View Mall
Barre Code and Garbo's Collab - Fitness Hairstyles - Half Up Half Down
Makeup by Ashley Beutler, Garbo's Salon and Spa - Village Pointe.

To achieve the makeup looks for this shoot, we used Aveda’s Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisture.  This light foundation will both protect the skin and hide your imperfections all while feeling light and airy.  By using products that were light and wouldn’t clog the pores, we ensured our models looked and felt beautiful while working out.

Barre Code and Garbo's Collab - Fitness Makeup - Light Concealer
Makeup by Ashley Beutler, Garbo's Salon and Spa - Village Pointe
Barre Code and Garbo's Collab - Fitness Makeup - Light Smoky Eye
Makeup by Melissa Taulborg, Garbo's Salon and Spa - Oak View Mall

Crossfit Elkhorn

The other local business we partnered with this month was CrossFit Elkhorn.  A CrossFit class is a bit different than a barre class.  Focusing on power, speed, and athleticism, CrossFit is a much heavier workout.  CrossFit Elkhorn (CFE) is located a bit further west than Village Pointe – on 204th street in Elkhorn, NE.  With a membership of over 200 members, this gym is truly making its mark on the small town of Elkhorn.  With an all-inclusive atmosphere, CFE stands out among other CrossFit gyms in town.  Everyone is an athlete at CFE – no matter where you are on your fitness journey the trainers will help you reach your goals!  

Elkhorn CrossFit and Garbo's Collab - Fitness Makeup - Makeup styles for Crossfit Athletes
Hair by Amber Klebba, Garbo's Salon and Spa - Village Pointe
Elkhorn CrossFit and Garbo's Collab - Fitness Hairstyles - French Braids
Hair by Amber Klebba, Garbo's Salon and Spa - Village Pointe

Although CrossFit does differ from a Barre workout our approach to the hair and makeup for this shoot didn’t change too much.  Keeping the hair out of the face was priority number one.  Amber Klebba (@amberklebbapro) styled the first look by adding braids to the typical ponytail.  The tension in the braids along the hairline keeps the baby hairs, bangs and layers locked into place throughout your workout! 

Elkhorn CrossFit and Garbo's Collab - Fitness Hairstyles - Messy Bun
Hair by Jules Steinwart, Garbo's Salon and Spa - Village Pointe
Elkhorn CrossFit and Garbo's Collab - Fitness Hairstyles - Two Low Buns
Hair by Jules Steinwart, Garbo's Salon and Spa - Village Pointe

Another look we styled originated from a messy bun.  Grabbing your hair and throwing it on the top of your head may seem like the best workout style but unfortunately, buns easily fall out.  Add in a few powerful CrossFit moves and your once perfect top-knot is now resting on your shoulders…  Therefore, we added in an additional elastic, a few bobby pins and a quick spritz of hair spray to keep this one in place!

The next look we styled also included braids as they truly are a great way to keep your hair out of your face while you workout!  We added two buns to this version to make it stand out a bit!

Elkhorn CrossFit and Garbo's Collab - Fitness Makeup Idea
Makeup by Melissa Taulborg, Garbo's Salon and Spa - Oak View Mall
Elkhorn CrossFit and Garbo's Collab - Fitness Makeup - Red Lipstick
Makeup by Melissa Taulborg, Garbo's Salon and Spa - Oak View Mall

Our goal this month was to inspire you to keep pushing through.  Whether you gained inspiration from the strong women at Barre Code or the powerful women at CrossFit Elkhorn, we just hope these styles were enough to get you back on your feet!

Elkhorn CrossFit and Garbo's Collab - Fitness Makeup - Finishing Powder
Makeup by Amber Schussler, Garbo's Salon and Spa - Oak View Mall
Elkhorn CrossFit and Garbo's Collab - Fitness Makeup - Highlighter
Makeup by Amber Schussler, Garbo's Salon and Spa - Oak View Mall

A HUGE thank you to those who helped make this collaboration possible – the hairstylists and makeup artists who volunteered their time,  Bonnie Eisenhart, her beautiful Barre Code Team, Justin and Lindsey Carraher and their amazing CrossFit Elkhorn Team!

Thanks so much for reading and make sure you stay tuned as we are working on a few Springtime posts that I’m sure you’ll love!

Sending love,



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By: Maddie Poteat

Marcia Harper

This month we shine the stylist spotlight on Marcia Harper!  Marcia works at our Regency location and is one of our most experienced stylist and longest running employee – she’ll celebrate 30 years with Garbo’s this year!  She is also the leader of our fitness club!  Since we are in the middle of celebrating the beauty of fitness this month we thought it would be a treat to learn more about Marcia, what she does for our salon and how she has seen the beauty industry change over her 30-year career.  Read on to learn more about Marcia in her own words!

What is Your Favorite Service to provide to your clients?

My favorite services to provide are permanent waves and coloring hair. However, I enjoy performing any service that makes a guest feel better about themself.

How has the beauty Industry changed over the years you have been working in it?

Hairstylists are much more educated than they used to be and we are now recognized as professionals. In the infancy of my career finding a salon that offered benefits was rare. Now a stylist can work at a top salon, like Garbo's, where they offer their employees benefits such as health and disability insurance, paid vacation and a retirement plan. You may also move ahead within your company, or out of it, by accepting positions to further your career.

Why do you love being a hairstylist?

I see hairstylists as the doctors of beauty. We have the ability to touch more than just our client's hair, skin or nails. We help guest look and feel better and teach them how to maintain their looks until they can come see us again. We are truly health professionals.

What made you interested in the GArbo's Fit Club position?

In 2000 I was home for three months with a broken ankle. While stuck at home I started thinking of ways to better our workplace. Once returning to work I put my ideas into motion by starting a flu shot clinic and bringing CPR classes to our salons. We had such a great response that we knew we needed to continue providing health-related functions to those who work at Garbo's. I didn't truly have a position until Darcy offered me a chance to apply for it. Darcy, our owner, is very supportive.

Omaha Stylist Marcia Harper

What fun fitness activites has the salon been involved in?

There have been complimentary yoga and kickboxing classes and we are about to be treated to a Barre Class at the Barre Code in West Omaha. We have a workout corner in each salon and have participated in a few charitable runs. All the success we have had with this program is largely due to our fitness team. Claire, Erin, Susie, Molly, and Heather have worked diligently to make our program what it is.

Fitness and beauty... they don't typically go together. Why does garbo's care about staying active?

I think fitness and beauty actually complement one another well. Beauty follows fitness inside and out. Being healthy and fit makes anything you achieve in life that much better, including a workplace. It is forward thinking to add wellness to a workplace, it provides happiness and safety. I'm happy to be at a company that has that mindset, thank you, Darcy!

I loved what Marcia had to say about the relationship between beauty and fitness.  Although there is something raw and natural about working out and staying fit there truly is a connection to beauty.  The rush of empowerment and positivity felt after a great workout can make you feel beautiful! 

When you’re behind a Garbo’s chair we work hard to help you feel beautiful.  We see and feel that same rush in our clients when the chair is turned around and they see their new hair for the first time.  

We believe that staying active is beautiful – that is why we dedicated an entire month to fitness!  We’ve partnered with some amazing small businesses to bring you the best of beauty and fitness so make sure to follow along on our Facebook and Instagram accounts!

Thank you so much to Marcia for allowing us to interview her this month and for the work she does to keep everyone at Garbo’s healthy and fit!  If you are in need of a new stylist we highly recommend choosing Marcia.  You can book your next appointment with her online or by calling our Regency location at (402) 391-2333.

Thanks as always for reading – we’ll be back in a few weeks when we wrap up our month of fitness!

Sending love,


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By: Maddie Poteat

If you read last week’s post you are now up to speed on the benefits of a professional facial and why you should have one regularly.  If you missed that post you can read it here!  As with any beauty service, each salon and spa’s offering is unique and different.  That’s why we wanted to share what goes into a facial at Garbo’s Salon and Spa and a few tips on how to ace your next appointment.  Enjoy!

Garbo's Professional Facial Products

A Facial at Garbo’s Salon and Spa


Greeting and consultation- 

When you first arrive your esthetician will greet and introduce themselves while leading you to one of our spa rooms.  After you are situated comfortably on the bed you and your esthetician will talk about the skin challenges you are having and your goals for the appointment.  Your esthetician will also ask about any allergies you might have or any medications you might be on – both of these things can cause negative reactions to some of the professional products that are used during the appointment so it is important to be open and honest during this part of the conversation.

Once the esthetician has a better understanding of you and your skin she will begin the treatment by selecting an aroma infusion to be used throughout the service.  At Garbo’s we use Aveda’s Air/Infinity, Fire and Water/Earth blends.

Pre-cleanse and Cleanse- 

During these first steps, the esthetician will prepare the skin for cleansing by using Aveda Oleation Oil or Aveda Composition Oil.  After the skin is prepped, a balancing cleanser will be used to clean the surface of the skin.  A hot towel is then used to wipe this away.  After your skin is clean your esthetician will analyze the skin to determine which Aveda products to use in the following steps.

Exfoliation and Extractions-

There are many products to choose from to exfoliate the face – a few of these include the Aveda Botanical Kinetics Radiant Skin Refiner, Aveda Peel System or the Aveda Tourmaline Radiance Mask.  A facial at Garbo’s Salon and Spa includes two forms of exfoliation.  Your esthetician will choose the right ones for you depending on your skin type and the goal of the facial.  Throughout the exfoliation process, the esthetician will include a foot, hand or scalp massage to further relax you.

After the exfoliation stage, the esthetician will move on to the extraction phase.  This step is added based on the client’s needs.  Extractions can be uncomfortable at times but the esthetician works hard to minimize the discomfort.  It is important to allow a professional to do extractions instead of trying to do them at home as this can result in negative affects on the skin.


One of my favorite parts of a facial is the facial massage.  After the harsh exfoliation and extraction phase, your skin needs time to balance and recover.  Oil is applied and the esthetician smoothes it out over the face while gently massaging it into the skin.  Once this step is complete a hot towel is used to remove the excess oil and prepare it for the final mask.

Hydration Mask and Moisturizer-

The last step in our facial is the final mask and moisturizer.  A hydration mask is typically used as the final step in the facial service but the esthetician can choose a different one depending on your skin.  A final hand, foot or scalp massage is added while the mask works its magic.  Once removed with a hot towel, the esthetician will apply any treatments needed to the skin and seal it all in with a moisturizer.  At this step it is possible to add any finishing touches you would like – sunscreen, lip gloss, tinted moisturizer, etc.


At the end of the service, the esthetician will ask how the service went to make sure it was enjoyable.  She will also talk with you about any products that could be helpful in maintaining the results of your facial.  She will also recommend a course of treatment moving forward depending on your skin and the results of the first treatment.

The Aveda products that are used in a facial at Garbo's Salon and Spa

Getting a facial can be daunting – especially if it is your first one ever or your first one at a new spa.  By asking questions, being open and honest about your skin care routine and letting your esthetician know what other medication you may be taking you are on the right path to making your facial enjoyable and effective!

If you still haven’t grabbed our coupon to save $25 off a Classic or Signature facial now is the time!  The coupon expires on March 31st so download it and book your appointment now!

We hope you enjoyed our little sneak peek into our facial services.  If you ever have any questions or concerns when scheduling a facial at Garbo’s Salon and Spa we urge you to reach out ahead of time.  You can always talk to one of our licensed estheticians or come in for a complimentary consultation to put your worries at ease.

Sending love,


A special thank you to Katherine Bower, Esthetician and Spa Lead at Garbo’s Salon and Spa – Village Pointe for helping us with today’s article!  If you would like to book an appointment with Katherine click here (choose the Village Pointe location).  If you would like to see Katherine in action check out our Aveda Skin Care professional facial video below!