Antonia Rogers - Stylist at Garbo's Salon and Spa, Village Pointe

By: Antonia Rodgers

Why undercutting? 

Haircuts, as we know, are essential to maintaining the length and the shape of a style we find that accentuates our personality and bone structure.

There are many reasons why the individual nature of our hair will make a preferred cut and style difficult. Thankfully, there are some ways around that.

If you find trouble with manageability, whether it be drying time, thickness or controlling curl and unruly hairlines, there is a cutting technique that may be for you.  An avenue that can give the desired style a foundation to allow the cut to come to life… 

This can be done by strategically undercutting the hair. This is using an undercut as a utility for function to achieve form rather than for aesthetics. It may be visually extinguished or distinguished by your hair color choice. This can also make the technique much more approachable if your professional environment maintains a more conservative policy.

Undercutting - Antonia's First Step
Undercutting - Omaha Hairstylist, Antonia Rogers of Garbo's Salon and Spa
Undercutting - The Finished Look

Reason #1 

The two most common reasons I will take this approach is first and most often, to manage thickness. This is the most obvious advantage to undercutting the hair. The drying and styling time is drastically reduced along with a more comfortable weight within the hair. It can be done very aggressively with clippers (to take the hair very close to the scalp as seen with most of the trending cuts over the last few years) but often when I use undercutting for this purpose in function, that is not necessary.  Depending on the texture of hair and length of the desired style, the undercut can be only half the length shorter to achieve the function needed. Typically, the undercutting will start at the nape and, depending on the severity of thickness, it can be taken all the way to just above the occipital and into the sides above the ears.  With that, the cut is allowed to move and your overall look is more balanced and manageable. Just what we want!

Reason #2

The second reason I will utilize an undercut is for troublesome hairlines. Those of you who have one know what I mean. It can cause having a great, new shoulder-length bob a constant battle every time you style. That hairline may produce one side to flip or pop out while the other side is perfectly behaved, creating an unwanted silhouette and constant frustration.  Typically what’s going on is, at the bottom edge of the hairline, the growth pattern on either corner of the nape can cause the hair to kick out, ruining even your best hair day. By cutting that growth pattern down, which is technically referred to as a whirl, it will collapse the growth pattern causing the problem in the first place and allow the longer hair to lie gracefully on top as it should and voila…. you can have your desired shape day in and day out. Again, it doesn’t have to be cut down to the scalp.  It can be gently whittled down and softened enough that it will allow a graceful grow out between cuts and remains very approachable to anyone.

Rather than just remedying through endless frustration when styling, undercutting can allow you to take control of your hair destiny, in that you can finally eliminate the problem of too much hair or rebellious hair lines forever!

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By: Maddie

Alicia Janulewicz

This month we shine the light on Alicia Janulewicz!  Alicia currently works at our Oak View Mall location and is both a manager and a stylist there.  We interviewed Alicia to learn more about what drives her professionally and why she loves being a hairdresser.  Read on to learn more about Alicia in her own words!

How long have you worked at Garbo’s?

“I started at Garbo’s at Oak View the day after my birthday in 2013; so 5 years ago last month! Darcy didn’t know it, but she gave the best birthday present ever! Ever since I decided I wanted to be a hairstylist I always wanted to work at Garbo’s. As soon as I was hired the salon became my second home and the stylists became my second family. When you care so deeply about the place you work and the people you work with that attitude and passion rubs off on everyone you are around and shows in everything you do.”

What is your favorite service to provide to clients?

“I love all of it, but my absolute favorite is creating dimensional blondes and dry cutting. Customizing blondes to match desired level of maintenance and personality can take time and effort, but the finished product is soooooo worth it. Then when you can complete a look with a detailed dry cut and style it perfectly it is the most satisfying feeling.”

What do you love most about being a hairdresser?

“I get to go to work everyday and help transform the way people feel about themselves inside and out. Hugs, smiles, laughs; I don’t HAVE to go to work, I GET to go to work. Not everyone can be so lucky.”

What inspires your creativity?

“Honestly, everyone on my team inspires me daily. Everyone is so unique and has so many different ways to perform a service. Being around so many creative minds pushes you to try new techniques and strive to accomplish one of a kind looks for every person who sits in your chair.”

Is there anything else you would like to share?

“Being a stylist is so much more than just “doing hair”, it’s about growing a lasting relationship with your clients and co-workers by listening, being sincere, TRULY caring, and loving people by giving them a more positive outlook on themselves by just changing their hair.

It’s hard for me to articulate how much being a hairstylist means to me. It has changed my life and outlook in so many ways. I have always had a need to help people, which was why I originally went to school to become a nurse and had been working as a CNA. Then I realized that that type of helping people wasn’t for me. Being a hairstylist, I get to help people through hard times in their lives, celebrate the good times, and laugh through some of the crazy times. As my career goes on it just keeps getting better and better and the relationships I have made keep growing in a positive way. I love my career and my clients, I adore my Garbo’s family, and can’t wait to continue my journey with all of them and keep growing as a stylist and person inside and out.”

A Few Examples of Alicia’s Work:

Follow Alicia

We have to thank Alicia for being so open and honest in her answers to our interview questions.  We love learning why our stylists enjoy their work and what pushes them to be their best.  To see more of Alicia’s work make sure you follow her on Instagram at aliciaomahahairstylist.  To book an appointment with Alicia you can call our Oak View Mall location at 402.333.5600 or book your appointment online here!
Thanks for reading this month’s stylist spotlight!  Make sure to come back next month to see who we shine the light on next! 

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By: Maddie

Gift Giving is hard

Let’s make it easy! Garbo’s first Gift Guide is filled with easy and awesome gifts that your friends and family will ACTUALLY use! You can snag any of these gifts in our stores and the ones that are available online are linked below!
2018 Garbos Gift Guide

The Goods

1. Aquage Backcombing Brush – $11

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3. Aveda Tea Bags – $21

4. Aveda Tea Bottle – $31

5. BaByliss Pro Hair Dryer – $189

6. Garbo’s Candle – Berry Spice – $18

7. Hot Tools Curling Irons – 1 inch, $47, 1 1/2 Inch, $80

8. Garbo’s Gift Card – Any Amount

9. Garbo’s Guest Bathroom Bag –$45 Small, $70 Large


10. Aveda Gift Box – Starting at $22

11. Garbo’s Travel Bag –

Build your own! – Price Varies

Pre-Made Bag – Curly Hair – $28

Pre-Made Bag – Color Safe – $26

Pre-Made Bag – Volume – $27

Pre-Made Bag – All Hair Types – $28

12. Aveda After Shave – $35

13. Aveda Shave Cream – $21

14. BaByliss Pro Straightener – $169

Happy Shopping!

Let us know what you think of our first Gift Guide and if you find it useful!  Make sure you take an extra look around when you are shopping in our store or online – you never know what perfect gifts you might find!

Happy Holidays!